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June 11, 2019

Seriouslessnessly ?

Yep. That’s what we thought too when it came into our lives.

Back in 2016, when Giulio decided to make the theme of his birthday party ‘seriouslessness’, I have to admit, I actually disregarded its importance and convinced him to change it to ‘silline...

December 12, 2017


September 6, 2017

when we arrive at the end of the pondering of what life is all about, the only question remaining is: what is the truth ?

and there’s no answer to that.

in this world of duality, paradoxes and deception, there can not be an answer.

anybody who has ever tried through relig...

September 12, 2016

Those of us on the journey of self awakening know the pain, and the loneliness all too well.  

Usually the journey starts with a question, perhaps something like : "why is this world so unfair ?" or "why is this happening to me ?".  Maybe a combination of both.  Little...

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