• Simone Fougère

what just happened ?

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in a nutshell

the world's wealthiest few, put the rest of the world's inhabitants in a state of prolonged stress, made most of our bodies even more toxic, turned us against one another, increased limitations on our choices, creative expression and ability to live freely and healthily; and made a shitload of money at the same time

simply by rebranding the common cold, flu and pneumonia as 'c ø v i d'

which in reality, is actually just our body naturally detoxifying itself

~ from P O I S O N S !

so no invisible bogey-man v i r u s

oh, and they also just happened to re-engineer society worldwide without most people noticing...

on the upside, it's also been an amazing opportunity

for us to question our way of life,

figure out how we can be more responsible for everything we are,

think outside of the box,

understand more about how our bodies work

and brought us closer to nature

decifering cøvid,

sense in a nonsensical world

knowing is different to belief,

in that belief is told, and accepted as truth,

yet may or may not be true.

belief does not ask questions, or at least the difficult ones.

knowing on the other hand, involves continued honest questioning,

and digging deep into one’s own perspective,

and if one chooses to remain open, and discerning,

false beliefs are exposed,

and more truths to become apparent.

belief is an easy choice,

for no critical thinking is required.

this means that every piece of information supporting the belief,

has not been thought about, nor questioned,

but simply memorised.

in my sharing of the following information, i suggest that you do not simply believe it.

my intention is, that the information can be felt, and spark a curiosity within,

driven by a sense of achieving an empowered state of knowing.

information that will inspire your own line of questioning, research, discussion and experiments, so as to arrive at a point of knowing the truth.

and a funny thing right now, with this whole situation…

is i feel we can all agree, that no matter what side you are currently aligning with,

the lack of true information alongside experience, and therefore true knowledge,

is the main challenge we all face.

so, in keeping with this line of thinking…

i will state the facts i have discovered,

through hours and days and years of discerning research

posing them through questions,

and you can choose to believe, not believe….or do the work yourself, to know if it’s true :)

I'll leave some links throughout, and at the very end, subject areas for further research

and lastly, there is a lot of information contained within this writing. take your time.

for those who followed the official government and mainstream media narrative wholeheartedly, this will seem unbelievable and likely provoke anger. push through, dive deep, it's worth it :)

for those who did actually question the official narrative (well done), yet still believed there was a v i r u s, keep questioning, there are gatekeepers all the way through this murky business, and the reward is real freedom


what is ALL illness or more specifically, ‘symptoms’ ?

all illness or 'disease' is toxemia, with 'symptoms' being different expressions of the body healing itself from poisons / acidity / toxicity, in order to re-balance and keep everything working 100%.

what is the best way to support this process ?

listen to, allow and support the body’s healing activities

  • stop ingesting poisons (drugs, acidic diet, toxic water, bad air, chemical soaps/creams, environmental toxins etc) or creating chemical/cellular waste (mental/emotional/physical stress)

  • ask (dowse*) what your body needs if unsure

  • if your body is not hungry, fast

  • if it’s thirsty, drink pure, structured water (H2O, ie. without added ‘inorganic’ indigestible minerals)

  • if it’s tired, rest

  • or better yet, sleep

  • at times, alkalise the body gently (bicarbonate of soda dissolved in water to sip on)

  • eat clean, organic whole fresh food

  • stop putting things into it that take away the symptoms (both drugs and alternative therapies)

  • be ok with a fever, it is a key healing activity

  • coughing / breathing / blowing / spiting / bowel movements / sweating are moving out the toxin

  • sunshine on the skin

  • barefeet on the earth

  • fresh air

* dowsing your body is easy. you are simply asking your body (bypassing what you think it should have) what is best for it.

  1. place the food/drink/whatever you wish to ask about in front of you

  2. stand back with your feet hip-width apart

  3. find a neutral stance

  4. then ask out loud, or in your head, if the object is good for you to eat/take/do now

  5. your body will then gently sway towards (yes) or away from (no) the object. for me 'no' is usually more instant/obvious

  6. check a couple of times if needs be.

you will get better with time, and the trust you develop, will lead you undoubtedly, in a helpful direction :)

what is influenza ?

a strong cleansing protocol initiated by the body

at what point is influenza initiated by the body ?

when toxin build up (poisons and dead cellular tissue) becomes very acidic, overwhelms and kills off most of our regular garbage processing microbes (bacteria, parasites, fungi), our cells clean themselves from the inside out with a strong solvent liquid

what is cancer ?

due to a blocked lymphatic (drainage) system from an overly toxic load (from ingesting and creating toxic matter within), regular daily detoxification processes are very sluggish, so the body will ‘safely’ store excess toxins in fat cells (like little garbage bins around the place), for future removal when the body’s drainage system is clear.

'cancer' is simply alarm bell time to reduce toxic load so the body can catch up and clear the drainage system (and then all the little garbage bins it created)

what about a ‘virus’ though ?

a virus is NOT what we have been taught to believe. it is actually part of a cleansing process.

a virus is a protein based ‘solvent’ or a soap-like substance, created by, and within, our own cells, to break down, dissolve, collect and expel toxins, when our body toxicity/acidity gets too high.

viruses differ according to the area within the body, the type of cells or organ expelling the toxins, or the toxin itself. the word ‘virus’ in latin literally translates as ‘poison’ ~ which makes sense. when you include the toxins that have been collected with the solvent.

viruses are not the cause of anything, they are the effect of toxicity and a sign of cleansing. they can also be thought of as 'cellular debris'

what about so-called ‘contagious viruses’ we think we know ?

when people get sick together, simply question the toxic cause (acidic diet overload point, mold, chemical cleaners, pesticides sprayed nearby, bad water, toxic air, alcohol, drugs etc)

what virologists mistakenly identify or call a ‘virus’ ~ are cleansing particles being excreted out of a cell, alongside toxicity.

for example ‘hepatitis b’ is simply a toxic liver cleaning itself

'shingles' relates to the cleansing of nerves (can be from a nerve injury)

STDs are related to cellular damage/sexual injury, and/or pushing out of toxins (johnson's baby powder perhaps?)

cleaning functions are not physically contagious

no scientific experiment has EVER proved any 'virus' as contagious, or disease causing (1918 Spanish Influenza infection studies)

our bodies however, can and do share wisdom energetically, and there is some thinking that our bodies may warn another body nearby to start cleaning from a toxin.

is a ‘virus’ living ?


virologists mistakenly assume/learned that because something is seemingly *moving* out of the cell (being expelled), it is living. wikipedia even states that they are "organisms at the edge of life"

has a ‘virus’ ever been ‘isolated’ (identified as one single organism) ?

no. a virologist’s technique to *isolate* a virus has always been to :

1) extract cellular waste (for example snot or phlegm) out of someone who is sick

2) mix it in a petri dish with a bunch of monkey (vero) kidney cells and chemicals

3) wait

4) and then when the monkey cells desperately try to clean themselves and literally break apart (from the toxic chemicals) and die, they say “ooh look, there’s the *virus* that’s killing the cell, ‘butting out of the cell’.

nothing is ever purified, and then isolated into one identifiable form.

all they have is cellular debris - broken apart cells ('spike protein'?), cellular solvent, animal cells and a bunch of chemicals

insane right ? (ironically they also use this same diabolical process to make vaccines)

what about sars-cov-2 'isolation' then ?

more recently for SARS-COV-2, they went along with the same process, but then

5) grabbed a few strands of RNA from the so called ‘infected’ monkey cell ~ in reality just pieces of broken apart cells

6) threw it into a bunch of technology in which a computer eventually ‘sequences’ the full virus’ ‘genome’

or in other words, guesses what the entire piece of material looks using a complex computer calculation

it's like finding a page of a book and writing the entire book

but BINGO - according to virologists you now have an 'in silico' genome 'virus' !

so does the sars-cov-2 ‘virus’ even exist ?

no. it is computer generated 'in silico' fiction, guessed from a particle taken from a mixture of human cellular debris / waste that was mixed with monkey cells and chemicals

what about the tests ? what exactly do they mean ?

funnily enough, nothing !

the primers (what the tests are set up to find) are based on the so called 'in silico' genome of a 'virus' generated from a computer from the toxic stew that is created through the nonsensical, non-scientific 'isolation' method as described above

essentially all the tests are looking for, are random fragments of cellular waste material

perhaps that's why a papaya, water and a goat 'tested' positive ?

isn't the PCR test 'gold standard' though ?

nope. far from it ! it's been stated over and over again by it's inventor Kary Mullis that it is not a diagnostic test. it simply amplifies anything you choose and anything can be misinterpreted as something else.

furthermore, any amplifications over 35 cycle threshold (CT) are deemed useless as they amplify 'noise' as well and everything becomes 'positive' - and pretty much all labs across the world are set to 40 cycles

great way to create cases right ?

plus, without a true, isolated 'virus' what accuracy can there be anyways ?

what about the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) / lateral flow ?

even worse !

it purports that it is *testing* for the sars-cov-2 'virus' (which as explained above has never been isolated) protein, and that the chemical reaction that occurs on the piece of card, apparently tells you whether or not you have the 'virus'..

however when scientific authorities are probed, to find out exactly what is occuring in this reaction; they have no answer

check out the information provided by the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, on the 'accuracy' of covid-19 tests, here; and make your own conclusions about what is actually occuring

Dr Mark Bailey wrote an article on the RAT here

what is a bacterial 'infection' ?

a bacterial ‘infection’ is actually a healing activity. living bacteria will be found at an ‘infection’ sight, because they are processing and breaking down waste for us. cleaning up ! ....just like flies found at a garbage heap

bacteria are similar to ‘viruses’, in that your own body creates them, and specific bacteria also relate to specific toxicity and areas within the body

bacteria are part of our day to day cleaning processes alongside parasitical and fungal processes, working through wastes, due to our toxic eating habits, lifestyles and environments we now live in

bacteria will always be present in the inner terrain of a toxic or unclean body

why do we not know the truth, that viruses are a healing mechanism ?

the allopathic (‘modern’ medicine) Me-Die-Kill system was created in the United States by the Rockefellers (disposing of their petro-chemical waste) in the early 1900s, under the guise of germs being the cause of disease ~ the false ‘germ theory’

this where the major disconnect and disinformation happened, with regards to our lack of knowledge about how our bodies work ~ as prior to the 1900s, the commonly held, age old belief, was that pollution, bad hygiene and external toxins caused disease ~ the ‘miasma theory’, and we managed illness logically and intuitively

from this point on, all doctors were then trained under the false germ theory perspective, which was to kill the germ ~ using surgery, chemo, radiation, drugs and vaccines as the solutions

throughout the 20th century we were programmed with the kill the germ theory again and again, with toxicity illnesses such as Polio (heavy metals/pesticides), AIDS (recreational/pharmaceutical drugs/lifestyle), SARS (general toxicity), swine flu (heavy metals/nanotech) etc, being hijacked and marketed instead as ‘viral’ or ‘bacterial' infections

'Hippocratic Hypocrisy' is a documentary detailing this disturbing hijacking in our recent history

what is an immune system then ?

a made up idea to prop up the false germ theory, vaccine story. it does not exist. there's nothing to *fight*

your body is either clean on the inside terrain, and hence able to function well;

or not (full of backed up acidifying waste, making you susceptible to 'dis-ease')

and YOU are the keeper of that terrain, depending on what you choose to put in, or stressfully create inside it

so what is ‘cøvid’ ?

it is good old influenza. a strong cleansing event or process, initiated by our very own body ~ due to toxic overload.

it only exists on the tv and the propaganda rags.

is this why normal ‘influenza’ rates literally disappeared worldwide since march 2020 ?

yes, it was simply been renamed, and marketed as ‘covid’

just like polio was renamed as Guillian-Barre Syndrome, AFP (acute flaccid paralysis), Bell's Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, (Lou-Gehrig's Disease), MS, MD etc

and smallpox was renamed as monkeypox, shingles, herpes etc

all these 'diseases' are of course detoxing/cleansing activities of the body from toxicity / poisons

we are told that ‘cøvid’ can be like a cold, or a bad flu, or in some cases, like pneumonia ~ is this the reality ?

yes, it's the same as it has always been - different degrees of natural, bodily cleansing cycles, dependent on the body’s health/toxicity

and is there a specific poison that is causing the recent cases severe influenza ?

yes. it’s looking highly likely to be a nano sized technology, namely ‘graphene oxide’ (GO) and/or simply the lipid nano particles themselves

actually it's not so recent even. people may have noticed and experienced very severe influenzas since around the early 2000s

how does this Graphene Oxide (GO) poison get into our body in the first place ?

  • breathing it in via aerially spraying (geo-engineering) worldwide the past two decades

  • ingesting via food / drinks contaminated from the spraying

  • breathing it in via blue surgical and N95 masks

  • internally placed via test swabs (additionally contains the carcinogenic sterilising agent ‘ethylene oxide’)

  • injected via ALL covid19 vaccines

(for more info on this GO please see my article)

but why the great deception about viruses and influenza ?

firstly, it’s an invisible terrorist to put people into a state of fear

fear means people are easier to control, and it also encourages physical dis-ease.

secondly, people remain disconnected from nature and how their body actually works, and will look for a solution outside of themselves

thirdly, they are ensuring that the attractive solution is a vaccine.

so are all the governments working together ?

yes. everything in our reality is actually currently controlled and directed by a few wealthy (delusional) elite families. some like to refer to this group as the ‘Committee of 300’ with royal family representatives at the top.

they own and created (with our help) all of the industries (especially the drug industry - which is the same whether pharmaceutical or recreational), all major educational facilities, all governmental organisations, all scientific institutions, all major charities etc around the world

they have inspired and created most of the culture and trends we know (and love) today, including Hollywood, pop music (and styles), sports events, fashion, self help, new age etc

as well as spearheaded false positive movements such as the 60s hippies, eco, green energy, climate change, me too, black lives matter etc etc (of course there may be a true positive behind each of these - but these are created or hijacked to go towards an entirely opposing agenda)

once these select few families owned everything, it’s been very easy for them to direct everything in our lives.

how do they direct everything in our lives ?

intention creates our reality. our mind connects to our intention, then thinks and acts our reality into existence. the Tavistock Institute plays a huge part in influencing this.

this institute is where all of the mind control directives stem from. having studied the human psyche for decades, they know EXACTLY what makes humanity tick, how we act/react and what to put out into our consciousness via the media, that they own.

all psychiatric, psychological, marketing and advertising techniques and institutions around the world are directed in some way from the Tavistock Institute in London, United Kingdom.

it’s in plain sight, that all of the directives throughout this fake pandemic have been aligned - just look at the same language used for the fake pandemic - ‘social distancing’ ‘bubble’ ‘vaccine passport’ ‘jab’ ‘shot’ etc, and the direction every country is moving towards - more control via injection manipulation

they have also practiced for many years before they implemented the current covid scam, this is evidential with many dry runs of pandemic scares and mock-up workshops (please see my other article for further details).

what is the intended end game ?

the overall intention is seemingly a much heavier management and control slave system

a re-engineering of the entire world society, including humans

the way we are now combining tech into our lives, it could even be via a real-life video game.

they literally see us like ants, referring to us as ‘useless eaters’

we have become too many to manage, so they are seemingly culling the weaker ones (through toxicity = disease) and the rest that survive, will be tightly managed via artificial intelligence in ‘smart cities’

the ones who do not consent to the lethal injection…will be ejected from the system it seems

perhaps they want more of the world to themselves ? well they are in fact seemingly creating a human commodity trading game for them to play.

Alison McDowell has diligently researched and discovered, that yes indeed, something akin to this, is being set up across several different entities (compartmentalized of course) and is currently being implemented right before our very eyes

a game, whereby the elite can acquire human resources in a ‘stock’ portfolio, and decrease/increase stock value by certain activities such as controlling how much exercise the person (public/legal non fiction entity) does, what they consume etc

how do we know this ?

apart from many essays and papers over the past century, detailing their intentions; their worldwide plans are now laid out for all to see, on the United Nations (which they created and run) and World Economic Forum (which they created and run) websites under smoke and mirror ‘save the world’ projects :

  • Agenda 21 (action plan agreed by 178 nations in 1992, detailing management and control of all land, sea, air and human resources for the 21st century, original promotion of ‘sustainable development’)

  • Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (17 goals for ‘better’ world - set in 2015 - for all governments to implement at local, national and global levels)

  • the Great Reset (accelerated implementation and replanning of Agenda 21/2030 goals, following covid-19 *opportunity*)

  • the 4th Industrial Revolution (accelerated implementation of artificial intelligence, 5G, ‘internet of things/human bodies’ to manage and control all land, see, air and human resources ~ effectively these are the technocratic and trans humanist agendas to control humanity)

the recent documentary 'THE PLAN - The WHO plans for 10 years of pandemics from 2020 to 2030' shows many documents, meetings, agreements and events which all connect to these projects (but neglects to mention the elephant in the room - ie. there is no virus) ...hence could be seen as controlled opposition predictive programing

so where does the 'vaccine' fit in ?

the 'vaccine' is an injection which looks to be a quick, and slow kill, culling device (have you noticed how many people are s suddenly dying lately ?),

alongside an 'operating system' designed for the human to fit into the World Economic Forum's 4th Industrial Revolution ‘internet of bodies’ ~ in other words, placing the human being into the aforementioned human commodity game.

it's also a 'contract' - agreeing to take it, means accepting whatever is in the injection, into your existence (of course one can also annul the contract at any point, simply by stating the intention to do so)

why, what is in the injection ?

each of the four main injections (Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Astrazeneca and Moderna) have been dissected by several independent labs In Spain, the United States, Germany, New Zealand, Argentina and Japan, and all brands have shown to contain graphene oxide (GO).

not necessarily all vials contain it (many have been shown nothing, perhaps due to the rollout being in phase 3/4 trials still until February 2024, so placebos are reuiqred), but every brand of injection has shown this type of material.

what is graphene oxide (GO) ?

graphene oxide is stronger than steel or diamonds, flexible, transparent, sensitive to temperature, conducts electricity, is a barrier to most materials including gases, yet a filter to water; so as one might imagine, has many uses in an array of industries, including medicine delivery and diagnosis.

is GO toxic ?

graphene oxide been shown to be extremely toxic to the human body, and by injecting it into the body it can easily kill most people within a couple of years (through toxicity and radiation), if not immediately

unless of course one adjusts their lifestyle/food habits so as to detox their body, and works on their spiritual will to heal themselves

why would GO be in the injection ?

probably a variety of reasons - culling / control / money

and even though GO is toxic, the human body is very adaptable (storing toxins in fat cells for later removal), so maybe GO can even be assimilated somehow into the body for use with the ID2020 patented block chain system of artificial intelligence control.

effectively this would be creating a remotely manageable ‘trans-human’

of course looping back to the trans-human reality commodity trading game

is this like a black mirror episode ?

for those who watched it, this really seems like black mirror playing out. all of it !

the usual story of tell-lie-vision, they tell us what is happening, so as to gain our consent, and encourage our thoughts and imagination to create it

why do they need to gain our consent ?

this realm is, well, as far as we can gather, based on free will, yet flows in the morality of natural law; meaning that we are free to do what we like, yet we are conscious not to hurt nor take from another ~ unless they agree to it

so to protect our free will, whether we realise it or not, most of our daily communications and actions happen via contracts ~ which come in the form of physical, verbal and energetic agreements

one party makes an offer, the other can decline, or accept it

we see contracts in the public (non-living) realm (set up by humans) which includes all governmental (govern the mind) organisations, authoritative institutions such as the police, military, large corporations; and ‘persons’ (dead ‘fiction’ your name in capital letters which is not the physical human); in the form of mandates, rules, orders, legislation etc. this is the legal system

we also see contracts in the private (living) natural realm, which includes the true, living man and woman relationships, interactions and spoken, written and energetic contracts we have with ourselves, others and nature. this is the lawful system

it’s all a matter of give and take, acceptance and declination. (see 'Living In the Private')

what does this mean exactly, in regards to our current situation ?

everything actually. it means that everything that has occurred in the past two years (and before of course), has been our personal choice, based on offers.

we had a choice to accept the offer (and give away responsibility and freedom) or decline the offer (and take full responsibility for oneself outside of the system)

challenging decisions none the less (for they did not provide much wiggle room due to the system we have set ourselves up in), but this does in fact mean, that lockdowns, rules, mandates, injections, health passports were all actually only offers

this is easily proven, for when one looks deeper into all of this, all of the man made restrictions mentioned above, only applied in the legal, public realm, meaning it refers to the 'person', not the living man nor woman

this reason for this, is, because as stated above, nothing can be forced upon a living man or woman without their consent.

it's essentially a workaround, and very sneaky stuff of course, because coercion was involved, and most are none the wiser to the truth of how this reality works

so YES. we are dealing with VERY deluded humans on a leadership scale, and now sadly we are also dealing with VERY confused, unhealed and traumatised humans on an everywhere scale, who have been inducted into the worldwide cult-ure, namely the Covid cult. (also the germ theory of disease cult).

why is it a cult ?

cult leaders induct members by offering a solution to a problem (which is translated into a fear), if the rules the leader states, are followed

because cult members know nothing about the problem the fear is linked to, they simply believe and do everything they are told, in order to receive the solution

the problem in this case is viruses, which the majority of humanity incorrectly believe are dangerous invisible enemies, running around trying to make us sick ~ which creates the fear. the fear then blocks all rational thinking

a cult has leaders, rules, words, actions, sounds, rituals, images, rewards, punishments and seemingly loving interactions with its members ~ all encouraging belief in the process that will enable the solution

from a higher perspective what is happening ?

essentially it’s a spiritual war

a war for the control of our consciousness.

it always has been.

which has repercussions for us in our physical reality, because our consciousness creates everything we see and do

what opportunities are there right now ?

we are being offered many solutions to get to know ourselves and our world better

to take FULL responsibility for ourselves, and the way we interact within this world

from mental, emotional, financial, physical, to spiritual ways ~ or not

belief vs

knowledge + experience ========> WISDOM

giving away responsibility vs

taking responsibility ========> REAL FREEDOM

controlled system vs


imagine taking responsibility for finding your own food and water ?

whether it be growing, hunting, foraging, collecting spring or rain water, sharing with your neighbours or exchanging with others nearby ?

fresh, free, walking distance and clean, organic goodness for your mind/body/soul

there would be no more need for huge corporate dead food operations,

who are adding chemicals etc to your food,

transporting things half way round the country / world,

destroying the soils with their unnatural chemical,

technological practices,

and producing waste via packaging, unsold food and industrial production ?

imagine taking responsibility for the health of your body ?

finally listening to, and allowing the innate intelligence of your body to simply heal itself ?

actually, you realise it's SO SIMPLE !

healthy soil,

clean food,

fresh air,

sunshine (no geoengineering programs),

grounding earth under your feet,


pure filtered, structured, uncontaminated water,

without external input.

cast of characters and actors taking the lead in the cøvid story on the world stage

neil ferguson ~ 'expert' Oxford University epidemiologist, who was grossly inaccurate in predicting cøvid19 deaths, but whose information was used to validate the need to lockdown in the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world. personally flouted lockdown rules and ironically already had highly inaccurate predictions for infectious diseases prior to cøvid19

anthony fauci ~ well-known American AIDS 'expert' immunologist in his 80s, heading up the worldwide mind control from the United States, playing out in much the same way as his role in AIDS. linked to conflicts of interest with regards to pharmaceuticals, politicians, vaccine companies. his wife christine brady is chief of bioethics and human subjects research at the FDA advisory National Institutes of Health, conducting biomedical and behavioural research on covid19

tedros adhanom ghebreyesus ~ current Director-General of the World Health Organization, since 2017. leading the world in implementing the rebranding of influenza into covid. shady past with complaints filed in the International Criminal Court accusing him of genocide and crimes against humanity as a top Ethiopian official before leading the WHO.

bill gates ~ co-founder of Microsoft, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. covid-19 poster boy of 2020, promoting vaccines as the remedy from the very beginning; of course stating years ago that he wanted to "vaccinate the world". linked to conflicts of interest with regards to block chain/body activity patents linked to ID2020) and vaccine investments. the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the second largest funder of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and of course raking in billions from cøvid vaccines

klaus schwab ~ economist, founder and executive chairman / poster boy of the World Economic Forum (WEF), authored the book ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in 2016. well known (with reference to the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ plan), as saying “you’ll own nothing and be happy about it!”.

presidents and prime ministers ~ generally across world, all are following strict orders that trickle down from the Committee of 300, especially wealthy western world nations. it is easy to see, because they are generally using the same language, the same institutions / individuals for information and rules, throughout the false pandemic.

eventually we see that they are implementing the same changes (some adjusted for the culture/language concerned) towards the end goal of the United Nations' and the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) agendas. The WEF has trained many well known politicians / businessman (via Schwab's WEF Young Leaders Program (est. 1993) "we will penetrate the cabinet".

all of these characters below, have either come through the WEF Young Leaders program, attend Davos WEF meeting, or are aligned with the WEF and listed on their website.

christine lagarde ~ French politician and lawyer who is the current President of the European Central Bank. financier who instigated all of the post-covid financial strategy

mario draghi ~ Italian prime minister. financier, previously worked for Goldman Sachs. head of financial ‘cabal’ in Europe, alongside christine lagarde.

boris johnson ~ British prime minister. leader pushing the totalitarian technocratic new world order agenda / collapse of western nation

angela merkel ~ German chancellor. leader pushing the totalitarian technocratic new world order agenda / collapse of western nation

emmanuel macron ~ French president. leader pushing the totalitarian technocratic new world order agenda / collapse of western nation

justin trudeau ~ Canadian prime minister. leader pushing the totalitarian technocratic new world order agenda / collapse of western nation

scott morrison ~ Australian prime minister. leader pushing the totalitarian technocratic new world order agenda / collapse of western nation

jacinda ardern ~ current prime minister of New Zealand. degree in communication funded by Freemasons University Scholarship in 2001. she worked as an advisor to Tony Blair’s government and in 2008, at 27, she was elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth. she continues to align her management of New Zealand towards a socialist theme, encouraging group think, and manipulating the minds of many with her false feminine (damaged masculine) role, that most think exemplifies a successful female, who is kind and heart centred. in reality though, if one observes her actions (and true effects), she is displaying the exact opposite, and rapidly implementing the totalitarian technocratic new world order agenda, including the total destruction of culture, business, health and true community in new zealand

elon musk ~ billionaire good cop role seemingly 'questioning' the pandemic, yet leading everyone into a fake green ai transhumanist reality

jeff besos ~ Amazon billionaire entrepreneur easing people into the metaverse through buying and selling online, just like us using Zoom to work is now pulling us into

mark zuckerberg ~ playing the censorship role on facebook to keep out the truth. interviewing bill gates live pre-vaccine, encouraging everyone to 'trust the science', creating marketing and promotions on facebook for WHO and vaccines blocking content that questions the official narrative of anything from false flags to true health

celebrities ~ many played small parts to cement the cøvid lie into the world's consciousness, that is actually does exist. (hint: this would never have been required if it actually was a real illness ;))

from bathtub antics (Madonna), to 'testing' positive (Tom Hanks to start....then many more) to Lady Gaga, Chris Martin etc starring in the worldwide streamed live 'One World:Together At Home' concert by W.H.O., entertaining / distracting everyone at home..


asymptomatic :

false term. no symptoms of illness, you’re not ill.

the body always has bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses working to cleanse the body and keep it in balance.

bubble :

group you are ‘allowed’ to socialise with during quarantine. the word sparks in mind a fun energy, as it is something all humans have enjoyed, usually in their early years. another torture technique to prevent human connection

cases :

‘positive case’ literally means you are human.

cases have been shown to be 95% false positive.

way to install ongoing fear (after no excess deaths in 2020) and create compliance to the rules - literally it’s a ‘case-demic’ in 2021

excuse for lockdowns

encourages vaccination

contagious :

if you are ill, you have an imbalance within. you need a clean out ! this cannot be physically contagious.

energetically however, we do share information energetically when we are standing in each other’s fields. a person whose body is currently going through a cleansing process, will share this information to people close by. it can be thought of as a reminder, so if the other person then needs to cleanse their body, they will initiate the process.

a detailed explanation can be found here

deaths - ‘covid’ (labelled) :

in 2020 ‘covid deaths were the normal common cold, influenza and pneumonia death count ~ as always, due to the body being unable to perform its natural influenza cleansing protocols effectively, because either the individual is :

already very very toxic (multiple problems, usually ‘old age’) and the body breaks down completely

not supporting the process appropriately (resting, fasting, water, sunshine, movement etc)

and/or artificial electromagnetics, drugs, ventilators/intubators, GMO food, excess chemicals, pesticides etc are added to the toxic load

’excess’ deaths

were only in countries/locations that used destructive hospital and care home protocols (Remdesivir, Midazolam with intubators) or where the elderly received recent flu vaccines - and right at the beginning of the fake pandemic

from the end of the first worldwide lockdown, the emphasis was more on ‘cases’ than deaths - because there weren't any more than usual

in 2021 as above, ’covid’ deaths are again simply the normal common cold, influenza and pneumonia death count.

‘excess’ deaths for 2021 will be HUGE. but will be from the vaccines, and will be hidden from public view. they will be registered as heart attack, stroke, blood cot and organ failure deaths.

nb. there is vast evidence emerging, that even though a person may have had symptoms of influenza / covid at the point of death, in 2021, if they are vaccinated, and have any other issue, they are not being labelled as ‘covid’. in other words, make the vaccine look like it works against ‘covid’ ;)

isolation / stay at home order :

a torture technique used in the military and prisons, to break individuals and make them more controllable

also assists in re-engineering of society as destroys small and medium sized businesses, which in turn helps to change food supply to a monopoly

weakens the body as less access to nature energies and sunshine vitamin D production

psychological ‘trick’, people are happy because they have time to themselves finally - another distraction

lockdown :

wikipedia : ‘prison protocol that usually prevents people, information or objects from leaving an area. The protocol can usually only be initiated by someone in a position of authority’

term currently used to initiate fear and seriousness of invisible enemy situation, and lock people up in their homes in isolation.

lockdowns are being used worldwide to crush small business, force people into debt and reliance on the government subsidies

masks :

they do not work (stated many times in the media, by medical ‘experts’ early in the fake pandemic) and on the packet of surgical blue and N95 masks)

nano sized particulates (such as the size of the supposed ‘virus’ particle), have been shown to move through fabric with ease

used as :

a torture technique for cult induction = obedience / subservience to the cult

mind control, on a psychological level the mask represents certain things and encourages damaged behaviour

as a veil, enabling the hiding of oneself and flaws. encourages deception.

normalising restriction as ‘good’, a person is willing to actively harm their own bodily processes (breathing). also encourages lack of compassion for others.

ongoing fear of virus from continually being reminded by seeing others in a mask

erasing human connection through lack of facial expression

loss of will to speak about anything, as it’s too hard physically. leads to loss of action.

a physical muzzle, inability to speak coherently and thus communicate with others nearby about concerns regarding the current insanity of the situation

a distributor of the toxin ‘graphene oxide’ - to make people weaker mentally and physically by adding to the load, and of course, eventually very sick.

monkeypox :

likely to be used as a cover story to hide the reactions from poisons in the covid injections ~ can include the naotech interaction with 5G / artificial EMFs

prior to 1980 it was called 'smallpox'

a false eradication technique to promote vaccine efficacy (same technique used for 'eradication' of polio) (excellent essay "Was Smallpox Really Eradicated?")

monkeypox can also be interchanged with chickenpox, measles, rubella, shingles, herpes etc

all skin eruptions are a detoxification method the body uses to extract excess toxicity due to poisons or a bodily upgrade or cleaning / healing activity

quarantine :

the meaning prior to 2020, was for those ‘confirmed to be infected with a communicable disease are isolated from the healthy population’ ~ this term is now apparently called medical isolation.

quarantine now refers is

olation of anyone who could be, or are suspected of being ill, even when they have no symptoms

SAD (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)

same as SID (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome aka 'cot death')

death caused by injecting poisons into your body via vaccine

ingredients such as aluminium, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury (thimerosal), selenium, thallium and zinc, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, polymyxin B, neomycin and now GRAPHENE OXIDE

these are all toxic to the body, causing it to immediately respond by cleansing/detoxing/flushing it out, aka 'flu-like symptoms', in order to try to obtain homeostasis again

in the case of SAD or SID, the body will have failed to reach homeostasis, and hence expired

nb. the body may also find homeostais by encasing the poison in fat, eventually surrounded by fungi in order to break it down for removal ~ this is a protective space which is years later termed 'cancerous tumour', of course which will never be linked to the vaccine

used as :

a cover up for MMR, other vaccines and cøvid-19 injection deaths ~ just like other cover stories of 'strokes, blood clots and heart attacks now being caused by the sun and the climate change coN


made up ‘virus’. (see virus isolation)

social distancing :

a torture technique mainly used for trauma based mind control / cult strengthening, and to distance the human connection and interaction

also helpful for artificial intelligence management (technology can identify individuals more easily)

shedding :

physically impossible, but energetically yes.

covid-19 injected individuals are irradiating themselves from the inside out, due to the high graphene oxide content interacting with, and being excited by artificial electromagnetic (mobile phones, WiFi, refrigerators, laptops, cabled electricity etc) in the vicinity

highly radioactive individuals may then affect other unvaccinated people nearby ~ by massively exciting their internal graphene oxide particles (which we all have to some extent from decades of geo-engineering) or it’s also possible that the graphene is further oxidising and breathed out, which we breathe in ourselves - and hence need to detox afterwards (detox symptoms)

tests :

Kary Mullis (inventor) of PCR stated many time that the more cycles you do, will enable you to find absolutely anything because you will have amplified ‘noise’ particles as well (paraphrased)

Anthony Fauci stated 35 cycles and above are useless. most countries use 35 or 40 cycles.

PCR tests calibrated simply to find human DNA (waste products)

PCR tests proven fraudulent in a court of law (Portugal, Austria)

test swabs contain graphene oxide and ethylene oxide

no need to go up the nasal cavity (except to deposit something near the brain)

virus genome sequence :

following the technique used to supposedly ‘isolate’ SARS-COV-2..…this mixture of human waste product, monkey kidney cells along with the other added chemicals, is then plunged through various technologies so a computer can run a simulation and *generate* (guess) what it deems to be the ‘full’ genome sequence of the so called offending (waste) matter

virus isolation :

(should include purification and characterisation, which is never does)

identification of SARS-COV-2 has never been completed, although many scientific papers claim to have, until you read the technique they used.

a sample of human phlegm (waste containing toxins and dead cellular tissue being extracted by an ill person) is mixed with monkey kidney cells and chemicals in a petri dish, then observed until essentially a ‘healing crisis’ occurs within the dying monkey cells; in other words the kidney cells produce cleaning proteins to collect and eject the chemical toxins from the cells; at which point a virologist yells “there’s the virus that’s attacking the kidney cells”

virus variant :

the computer guesses a slightly different genome sequence each time it runs the simulation

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4) my other (short) articles contain tons of other info and links that elaborate on topics aforementioned

it makes sense that covid-19 was pre-planned, here's why

influenza is detoxing = humanity has been poisoned

influenza is not contagious (in the way we are told)

so why exactly did we start believing in germs and 'viruses' (and nature became the enemy) ?

if influenza is detoxing, what exactly is a 'virus' then ? (in plain english)

is geo-engineering* causing severe influenza (and 'covid-19')

are the severe 'covid-19' cases, actually nanotech toxicity ?

5) excellent short documentary detailing this disturbing hijacking in our recent history of our entire natural healing knowledge, replacing 'terrain' model with the false 'germ theory' of disease, with detrimental solutions such as radiation, chemotherapy, drugs, vaccines and surgery


6) BRILLIANT essay to read is by Dr Mark Bailey & Dr John Evan Smith and contains all the evidence one needs, to see through the entire covid 19 scam


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7) ...some last small thoughts

what's the solution to this mess ?

thanks for getting this far !

x Simone

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