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We’re Simone & Giulio !

Discerning Reality is born out of many a thought, contemplation or a discussion, that we had either individually, or together.  


Having both questioned life on Earth from a young age, observing a lack of sense throughout most facets of life, this curiosity led to many an exploration into all manner of subjects from our history, health, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, plant medicines, spirituality, the power of the mind and the heart, science, money and the financial system, chemtrails, AI, wars, the domination and control system, love, sexuality, sleeping and dreaming, drugs, breatharianism, alternative energy, permaculture to name a few...

We found that the knowledge we were indoctrinated with, through schooling, parenting and the media, was not only mostly false, but in fact, purposely deceitful.

It got to the point that some of our conversations were so way out (some would say insane), that the desire to understand more, through sharing with others, burned too bright not to ignite. 

Who are we and why are we here ?  

And what IS really going on ?


Whatever the case, with the male and female, Italian and Middle Eastern born New Zealander, background; teamed with European and Asian International schools' upbringing; American and New Zealand University educations; New York, Paris, London living, working (in finance, tech, government, health, education, music and hospitality) and surviving; alongside an immense amount of traveling, researching, spiritual contemplation and experimenting; has laid out a patchwork of knowledge and experience that is finally coming together between Ibiza in Spain, and on an island in New Zealand. 


x Simone Fougère & Giulio Cavallo




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