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Dance music has been a huge part of both our lives.


Whether on the dance floor, at a house party, chilling by the pool or behind the decks; something about it resonates deeply within both of our souls.


Simply playing amongst the frequency of harmonic sounds brings joy to our hearts, especially house music. That beating heart of four to the floor somehow sparkles connection to everything around us.


Simone has been sharing the sound she enjoys since 1998, when she picked up her first piece of vinyl, whilst living in London, and taught herself how to use the 'wheels of steel' (that's turntables, that DJs always used to play on).

Giulio on the other hand channeled his love of sound into pure enjoyment and aural pleasure, wherever he was, since the early 80s.  More recently however, Simone encouraged him to learn to play CDJs and there's no stopping his flow of sumptuous sounds...

in 2020 they began sharing sounds together, in the form of a radio show, 'Journey Into Electronic Sound', on their local community radio station.  Here they shared the history of electronic music, so as to impart the beauty of house music to their new island home in New Zealand.


And finally now, in 2022, after decades of intending to, separately and now together, they embarked on a journey to make their own music...soon to be shared...

In the mean the links for some music they love

Love !

x Simone & GIulio




Shall we DANCE ?

Play ?

Listen ?

or Create ?

it's ALL about the music...

time for a frequency shift

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