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  • Giulio Cavallo

the hiv/aids scam

i've been researching this topic since the early 80's.

i've spoken directly to many people involved, whether in the medical community and in the pharmaceutical business; i followed independent research and connected with many people who are hiv positive.

one person in particular, my sister in law, one of the leading researchers in genetics in the world, got me started on this long journey of discovery through her valuable knowledge and opinion on the falsity of the mainstream argument.

i've done my own comprehensive statistical study throughout these years and came up with my own figures about diseases, death rates and mortality causes, especially in Africa.

i've talked extensively to leaders of NGOs acting in third world countries.

there is no doubt in my mind that hiv/aids is nothing but an ego, greed, deception, control, and money motivated scam.

here is a very comprehensive video that i want to share with you about... truth.

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