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  • giulio cavallo

from Ibiza with love

Ibiza has 2 Gods.

TANIT, the fierce moon Goddess of fertility and destruction.

and BES, the gentle sun God, trickster and protector of the good.

Ibiza is female and male, creation and destruction, moon and sun.

everything and its opposite and everything in between.

and Ibiza has open arms to everybody.

Ibiza doesn’t care who you are, where you come from and especially what you do !

but Ibiza wants to know your intentions.

anybody can come to Ibiza and experience anything to the extreme.

Ibiza is here for you.

Ibiza will give you everything you ask for, always.

the question is - do you know what you want ?

for you will have it.

and this magical island will be a paradise or a hell for you.

that’s why it is so important to have your intentions clear.

really ask yourself what are your ultimate intentions.

for yourself, as an individual human being and part of this collective of black sheep.

and whatever your intentions might be, Ibiza will have a way to letting you know if you meant what you said or you have still something to learn.

exaggerate on either side of glory or pain and it gets dangerous.

consciously live your days on the fine line between the Yin and the Yang and it gets fun.

try to lie your way in by pretending to be someone you’re not, and the island will make you pay for it and spit you out.

but live in the flow, co-create your reality with the energies of the island, work your magic and let the island show you the way with a synchronicitous cosmic giggle and you will be rewarded.

it all depends on you and your intentions.

because with time and especially after your first winter in Ibiza, you will realise that the Gods could have given you their most precious gift - show you for who you really are.

face yourself with yourself.

then it’s up to each single individual to deal with it, on its own, and for good.

no hypocrisy, no cheating, no lying to yourself, no place to hide.

you can embrace the truth, work with it, try and let go, deal with euphoria and agony, learn and evolve…

or leave.

because Ibiza doesn’t ask you to be perfect.

Ibiza asks you to be you.

the question is -

can you deal with the truth ?

can you face the music ?

can you face the music… and DANCE !

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