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growing fruit within 2-3 months

what i LOVE about growing food is that there are so many fruits that you can easily grow from start to finish in a season a HUGE variety of berries and melons ~ and you have months and months of supply !

some you will need to buy a little tree if you wish to have them fast ~ like raspberries, blueberries and boysenberries ~ but many you can grow from seed and they ALL fruit in that season. how cool is that ?!! you cna even grow them in pots on your balcony 🏠

yay for hydrating delicious FRUIT easily ! 🍉🍓


toilet rolls helping the strawberries stand upright so they don't get soggy - kind of helping through this rain rain rain for 6 weeks - but the last 6 days of mist has been tricky and the cardboard has fallen apart ! still helped A LOT though - and picking every day too was a necessity

melon trellis

giulio's wonderful trellis for our melons ! rockmelon, honeydew melon, yellow and red watermelons.....first time trying climbing them up a trellis sot he leaves don't get soggy and the fruits don't sit on the ground -see how it goes but it looks amazing when they're all hanging !

inside melon trellis

inside the melon trellis we planted lettuce, flowers (name escapes me, little white ones)and basil - to attracts bees and nice insects

watermelon climbing

yellow watermelon beginning to climb - they take around 80 days from planting the seedling out (took around 3 weeks inside from seed to seedling ready) to enjoying the fruit

rockmelon climbing

honeydew or rockmelon not sure. they are around 65 days from seedling to EATING


boysenberry vines

daily forage ! and inca berries from a random growing plant we found !

white alpine strawberries

wild raspberries

yellow raspberries

boysenberries - unfortunately even though we've had TONS of rain for 6 weeks, there was a small dry patch and the sprinkler wasn't on, so some dried up, fingers and toes crossed some break through though as there are SO many this year (vine planted last year, fruited that summer, 3 months later)

white alpine strawberries - planted by seed just before summer and fruiting all through summer last year, then all through winter and still now - literally all year ! took a little while for the teeny tiny seeds to sprout into seedlings, but once they did we popped them in the garden and they were off !

wild raspberries - planted from a cutting last summer, fruited all through summer - tried take over the veggie plot, i cut it back and now it's settled - crawling OUT of the veggie plot now (yay!) - fruits all year


yellow raspberries - OMG. planted as a little tree in august, fruiting by november !

rhubarb now enjoying itself better in the forest garden amongst the fruit trees

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