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we did what ?!

ladies and gentlemen !!! (and for all the rest of us normal people…)

hello !

simone and i welcome you to a brand new episode of our real life series of mind altering, space and time shifting, cosmic gamey, seriouslessness experiments in the attempt of having some fun within this absolutely absurd reality that we all share and call life.

this one has been 9 years in the making, incredibly enough, from the original moment of a magical spark of co-creativity that happened during a lazy afternoon in ibiza, in 2014.

lounging extremely casually (as you do in ibiza), the day after a party at friends’ house,

under the shadow of the hut by the pool, chillout music playing,

several “usual suspect” are sharing banter, laughter and the occasional makinglifelessserious substance.

suddenly someone arrives (can’t remember who, but doesn’t matter)

and starts gibbering and jabbering (as you do the day after a party in ibiza)

something to the nonetheless attentive audience.

the someone doesn’t matter, what he said doesn’t matter, what each one of us heard doesn’t matter, what we all remember (or not)

about that magical moment does not matter.

what matters is that we all had exactly the same reaction…

we looked at each other with a profoundly bounding sense of common perplexity,

raised our palms in the air, as in a gesture of total surrender to not having a clue,

looked at each other with a smiling grin on our faces, and all said together at the same time:


within the next few minutes we realised that we could experience of a new warm, gentle and inclusive way

of communicating our mutual feeling of hopelessness, faced with trying to make any sort of sense of … anything, really…

the WHAT ?! starting spreading through the crowd.

creating repetitive trancy playful rhythmical interactions of self expression,

assuming each time different ideas and new accents,

evolving into unlimited forms of expressed feelings,

but always with exactly the same common sensation of complete cluelessness !

and that is the most important thing that we realised through our WHAT ?! experience:

… let’s face it, we live in a crazy world

truth is, no one knows what life is all about

but at least we are all on the same boat !

so this is our latest contribution to sanity in a world gone mental …

we invite you to our new website:

will you join us, share your own WHAT ?! and help create more sanity with us !?

x sim n giulio

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