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Based from between New Zealand and Spain, our intention of Discerning Reality is to approach the big questions of life, head-on ~ with open minds, open hearts, curious tenacity....and discernment.  

Something like..


Where exactly do we find ourselves ?  

Is it real ?  

For that matter, what IS real ?  

How are we creating it ?  

What is the point ?

Is everything we know a lie ? 

Is everything we know, actually the opposite of truth ?

Why are most people ignoring these questions ?

...and what is TRUE freedom ?


On Discerning Reality you will find us exploring......sharing information, divulging our experiments, discovering knowledge for ourselves and co-creating it with you into wisdom.  

We have learned over our life, that discernment is key to understanding truth, and navigating these times, of great confusion and deception.


Looking forward to connect with lots of new like-minded, fun friends !


xx Simone & Giulio


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