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We’re looking forward to meeting you...

We just like to create.  We love to play !

It's probably our favourite pastime.. 

Actually, it's what all of us truly do best we reckon...


Remember being a child ? 

That's all we did !  PLAY !


It's how we live our lives in fact...playing and creating, as much as possible.  So we can learn, and grow.  Expand.  Making each task FUN (even if it's challenging stuff).


That's the basis for all of our work....the inner work on ourselves, and the projects we have chosen to create.


So, here they are ~ click n look and see if you fancy being a part of them, or maybe you just want to connect.  Up to you !


Skype us about literally anything you like (introductory first 20 mins chat is free :))


Listen to deep n cheeky dance beats from DJ Simone Fougère on mixcloud


Cosmic Games...


MYOOS (host an organic skincare workshop at yours) or buy the workbook and make your own (coming soon)


Love Your Pulp ! recipe book (ideal with that nut milk pulp you have left over)


Get a Desert Game reading with Giulio (free or donate whatever :)) ~ book a Skype Chat for this


Seriouslessness Page (coming soon)


Love !

x Simone & GIulio




Wanna Chat ?

Play Cosmic Games ?

The Desert Game ?

Co-create with us?

Whatever you reckon, tell us !  
We'd love to hear your ideas, and we simply love to share in the co-creating of ours :)

Call us +44(0)7092 200 641

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