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Reaching Out To Awakened Friends

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Those of us on the journey of self awakening know the pain, and the loneliness all too well.

Usually the journey starts with a question, perhaps something like : "why is this world so unfair ?" or "why is this happening to me ?". Maybe a combination of both. Little do we know what we are in for...

The questions can come and go for a while, but then eventually sit with you, and stare at you, right in your face, waiting for you to do something. Then you begin to truly look at the questions.

Looking outwards initially, perhaps by reading a self help book, or by questioning the world around you; then by observing the reality of society, work life, education, our environment and your upbringing to name a few. Finally the curiosity and desperation gives you courage to peek under the surface and see the true motivations and end goals of each.

The deeper you go however, unfortunately the more insane the reality looks, and everything can suddenly feel very overwhelming. The puzzle is very much incomplete at this stage; yet a whole new perception has been permanently created, and seeps into every aspect of your life.

This is perhaps the first point at which it would be helpful to have a someone slightly further along the path to reach out and talk to. Sadly though, still at this time, many of us are the first of our friends and family to awaken and look at reality in this way; and thus the confusion and loneliness can be overwhelming.

This was the case for me. I felt suicidal. I had no idea what to do. Everything about the world seemed wrong, and I felt helpless. I could also clearly see how different, and incredible the world could be, but I had no idea how to contribute to creating this, and no one around me could help me, let alone see what I was seeing. I was drowning in the limitations of society.

What can WE do, now, for people at this FIRST POINT ?

1) Share your personal stories of awakening openly, by writing a blog or publishing video content online. This will reassure new awakened souls that they are ok, and on the right path.

2) If you haven't already, be vocal in our family about what you have been through, so others know you are someone who will understand and can be contacted. Even if we are mocked and told we are *crazy*

3) Share (not dump) your past or current experiences with your friends showing your vulnerability, your truth. This encourages greater connection, trust and further sharing. And eventually healing.

Then, after stumbling many times, perhaps trying to help or heal others; trying to wake up others; launching into some angry tyrade about something, or someone; working in various causes protesting; or charities to help *save* the environment or help others less fortunate; we hit a wall.

We realise we are not happy still, or physically healthy, or depressed say; and we really need to heal ourselves FIRST and foremost before we can continue. For if we do continue, we will only project what is unresolved inside, into everything we create externally.

This is likely the SECOND POINT, and when we truly start to look inside ourselves and understand ourselves . We consciously realise that the old saying rings true; and that the only way to change the world, is to change ourselves; because it becomes more obvious by the day, that we must change ourselves, if we are to begin creating in an entirely new way, in the outward reality.

This is where the real work begins.

In this awakening, we really start to question every aspect of our life, every action / reaction we are taking, and see every moment in slow motion, and catch it if we can. We see that becoming vulnerable, honest, and learning how to really love ourselves; is key, if we are to truly be ourselves, and heal.

And loving ourselves is quite possibly the biggest part of the journey in fact.

Learning how to follow our passions; nurturing ourselves; doing what we want to do, standing up for ourselves; creating boundaries; listening to our intuition; reversing the negative chat in our head so it's empowering talk; giving ourselves a break; forgiving ourselves; encouraging ourselves and perhaps the most challenging ~ taking responsibility for ourselves.

Very lonely times, even if you have a partner to throw things back and forth with. Very distressing times, and quite possibility, many moments of anguish when you want to throw the towel in on the world, humanity and yourself; forever.

But this is where it gets tricky. And in fact the trigger for my writing this article.

How do we realise, as one responsible, awakened friend doing the *work*, to another; when it's high time to reach out and offer assistance ? Because no one can do the work for anyone else, but, it's really breaking point time...and in this moment, the last thing a friend in distress will be thinking is, maybe someone else can show me a different perspective and help me shift ?

In my experience, this is what I have come up with :

1) Keep in contact regularly with friends who are deeply working on themselves, letting them know you are always there to talk and assist in shifting

2) Listen to your intuition and watch for signs that your friend may be at a stumbling block. Reach out at times like these, but avoiding offer commiseration.

3) Be open about your own inner work, and talk about it with your friends. This makes you very approachable in times of need.

So, at this point in time in the crazy game, even if we aren't yet free of our personal trauma and triggers, and co-creating wonderful things to our highest potential; let's co-create through our own healing work together. Relationships with others are a sure fire way to see your *stuff*, and the more open we are to this, and to openly discussing it, the quicker we heal, AND, the quicker we create a new reality in which we are ALL thriving !

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