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  • giulio cavallo

truth is, we are surrounded by lies.

man looking at himself through a broken mirror of lies with mannequin heads with lifeless eyes.

when we arrive at the end of the pondering of what life is all about, the only question remaining is: what is the truth ?

and there’s no answer to that.

in this world of duality, paradoxes and deception, there can not be an answer.

anybody who has ever tried through religion, science, philosophy has failed… the limitations of any of these systems are evident.

anybody who has somehow escaped indoctrination, but then replaced it with another dogma, whether new age spirituality, humanitarian work, yoga, meditation, veganism, spirits and angels, drugs or ayahuasca, has not found the answer… or we would know by now.

and anybody who has gone through the process of personal awakening, eventually comes to the conclusion… there is no answer. truth just is.

life is.

we are.

we live and think, feel emotions, dream and question ourselves and everything.

and we can be conscious, awake, present, and we are free to chose.

if that’s the way it is, we can be faced with two choices:

one is to go through life without a meaning and pass the burden to find it on our children

or realise that life has no meaning, and choose to create one ourselves.

asleep or awake ?

right now each one of us is creating this reality, and we are continuously creating a new one.

and to create anything, you start where you’re at; where we are at.

so the question arises: where are we at ?

what is the truth ?

and we go back to the original problem, that we don’t know what truth is.

as Socrates said: the only thing i know is that i don’t know anything.

is there anything we can do then ?

i have an idea. instead of searching for the ultimate truth knowing that we won’t find it, why don’t we just see it for what it is; accept it altogether as our current truth and start from there.

to get there it takes awakening, it takes being free, doing inner work to know we are sovereign and we accept our responsibilities.

the only thing that stands in the way is … the lie.

and we are surrounded by lies.

governments, politics, religions, science, corporations, education, health, media, the money system. all full of lies.

governments (to govern the mind) are based on a lie: that your mind needs to be controlled.

democracy is a lie. people do not govern themselves in democracies around the world.

politicians have to promise something to be elected and so, they lie.

George W. Bush and the Weapon of Mass Destruction.

religious authorities tell you that salvation comes only through faith. yes! but faith in what ? in an incredible amount of lies.

the sanctity of human life based on the submission to any sort of exterior god is a lie.

scientists keep being proven wrong, Einstein included, but with all their brain power, still base most of their certainties on … theories.

evolution, gravity, vacuum, global warming, black holes, relativity, the big bang; they are all called theories, but theories that become truths because of the fame, the historical stature, the accolades, the nobel prizes of the so called “experts”.

they say they know, but it could be all lies.

corporations ? don’t even know where to start there. just one observation.

business is there to make money, anything that you hear about anything else, is a lie.

advertising, marketing, publicity are all about lying.

the schools are not there to let children create themselves into adults; they exist to indoctrinate, manipulate, conform, control and enslave.

more than half of what’s written in text books i read is a form of lie.

history for example, is written by the winners, or rewritten by the losers.

just in recent times: 9/11, JFK, any war, gulf, vietnam or WW2. our narratives full of lies.

the health system does exactly the opposite of what is supposed to do. instead of helping the patient find the causes of any illness and remediate to that, they enforce drugs that are dangerous or poisonous, and are there only to fight the symptoms and create more patients (customers).

pandemics, hiv/aids, ebola, mad cow, vaccines, medicines, drugs. all covered in lies.

mainstream media ?

apart from the aforementioned need to make money, the only way to catch a maximum of viewers is sensationalism beyond belief.

lying is tantamount.

have you noticed that most movies and tv series are eventually mostly based on drama. and what’s drama but emotional waves of actors reacting to … lies ?

the banking system gives you the power to exchange money for value, but who do you think prints the money in the first place ? the government ? a federal reserve bank ? no. private individuals. one big lie.

lies everywhere.

lies outside of us.

lies inside of us.

lies imposed and lies consented to.

people lying to us and us lying to ourselves.

is this the time, when lies are becoming so obvious, that we can finally have the courage to see through them and choose to create a reality based on truth.

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