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Black Salve Worked For Me

Updated: Apr 28, 2020


In mid-late 2012 I became aware of something itchy in the middle of my back. It was a small circular spot of flaky skin, around 1cm in diameter, which would continually itch and tickle. Over the next four years it would continue to be itchy throughout; but repeatedly go through the process of turning slightly red and sore, then forming a small scab, and eventually returning to just the flaky, itchy skin situation. I lost count how many times this happened. Over this period it was also slightly sore, being awkward and sensitive to lie in a certain position. It remained the same small size. It would also go red and ‘angry’ with too much sun. Throughout this period, I also found that my immune system was progressively weakening. My throat glands were hyper sensitive, swelling up and down continuously. I had regular bouts of influenza (never just a common cold), physically debilitating me for weeks. Whenever we had heavy geoengineering days on Ibiza, I would always came down with the flu within hours if I went outside underneath them. Influenza for me felt like I had acid running through my veins, with painful aches in every part of my body, which would mostly progress to a sinus infection and heaving chest cough. It would take me two to three weeks to recover each time, in which I could not shake the acid feeling in my veins until the very last moment, when I finally would wake up feeling myself again. I also began to have regular shingles outbreaks, which was extremely painful.

To add some more perspective here, I feel it's important to mention that I was also a philosophical vegan at the beginning of the itchy skin issue, having been vegetarian from 2006, and vegan from 2009 for five years up until late 2013. That's eight years in total. By philosophical vegan, I mean that I took animal products out of my diet so as not to contribute to the unethical treatment of animals, and the destruction of our environment through commercial farming. There is a huge amount more to share on this topic, which I am writing about in another article, but I know it was an important factor in how strong my immune system was prior to my skin issue, at the time of discovering it, and the years proceeding it; as I worked to heal myself. I never became vegan because my body asked for it, or because I felt it was the best thing for me; I became vegan because I thought it would be best for animals, and the environment. I now know, that it's never a smart thing to do anything for anyone else, unless it's also good for you...

Back to my progressively weakening immune system....eventually I decided to eat animal protein once again to see if it would improve my health. This was around a year after I noticed the flaky skin issue. It was actually my loving partner Giulio who suggested it, because I was literally always 'battling' some illness or issue, and he had watched me try SO many different protocols. Not ideal, but I had to face facts; my health was failing, and if I was to be a strong person, contributing to creating a better world, something drastic had to be done. I actually began to feel stronger immediately. I'm talking organic, grass fed if possible, kindly reared animals. Never factory, commercial farming of course. My itchy skin issue however did not alter in the slightest. So I continued, trying all sorts of protocols to resolve this issue over the years, but nothing worked. I paralleled the energetic physical action of 'not seeing / allowing something to attack me from behind, attach and dig in, and control my immune (defense) system', with personal, real life situations, and then spent time meditating on the mental and emotional causes as to what was causing this weakness in me. I worked on reprogramming any limitations and thought patterns that intuitively came up, to heal myself (and consequently the specific point on my body) on that level. I treated the actual lesion physically with cannabis oil, my own stem cells (via urine therapy), apple cider vinegar, homemade liposomal vitamin C, coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda and possibly even royal jelly, propolis, black cumin seed oil and witch hazel I seem to recall. I was of course always trying new things with my nutrition, to see how I could boost my immune system. My partner and I had doused it with a crystal a few times (knowing that our bodies are pure intelligent, organic technology, that always knows the answer, and that we can communicate with it to find out far more than we can read with our 5 senses), but never had much luck into getting a precise picture as to what it really was. We knew it wasn’t ‘cancerous’, but that was about it. I think looking back now, we were focused on the mental/emotional cause, and how to resolve that. I never thought to ask if it was a bacteria or virus, and when, or how it happened for some reason… In December 2016, after four years of dealing with this, I eventually had a little insight into the situation. I was also desperate. For the previous months, I was dealing with continual low energy, extreme sensitivity to most foods (which would trigger shingles), and the feeling of being around 70% well, all the time. Every morning that I woke, I felt that fluey feeling. I could not be me anymore. I guess I had no choice but to really strengthen my resolve, and my intention, to truly heal, on every level. My insight began when I started to notice a few distinct signs ~ repeatedly seeing particular words; then adverts and articles that would catch my attention because they were also connected; random occurrences triggering memories. Lyme disease had begun to catch my attention. I had looked into it before, but it didn’t entirely match my symptoms, and I didn't live in a Lyme area, so I discounted it. The dousing always came out negative for Lyme disease as well. Suddenly however, I had a flashback. In 2012, upon leaving London, bound for a new life on Ibiza, I had put myself into an accidental homeless situation, living in a camping ground for the last few weeks, whilst we earned enough money to make the road trip to Ibiza. We ended up living in a rain soaked field, surrounded by mud, for near on 2 weeks. It was like living in a muddy Glastonbury Festival full time if you’ve ever been….wet, cold, muddy, messy....we continued our nut milk bag business at the time, beavering away sewing nut milk bags in a tiny tent; invaded by mud, tiny insects, slugs, and spiders. Not so much fun as you can imagine… But what if I had been bitten by something at this time ? We doused it, and immediately it said yes. And yes, by a tick. Again though, it wasn’t dousing yes to Lyme disease. Shortly after, I came across an article about a new illness caused by a strain of bacteria carried by ticks, that seemed to surface around 2012 in the UK...and it caused Lyme-like symptoms in humans. At that moment I knew intuitively, that I had found a major contributor to the my immune system breakdown. Now for the treatment. Black salve came to mind. It's an amazonian protocol, a poultous, made with a base of bloodroot, zinc mineral salts and graviola. I knew of it for treating skin cancers, and it had actually been something I had pondered using over the years for my issue, but I couldn’t find it easily (or didn’t try hard enough perhaps), so it had disappeared from my consciousness. The idea was back stronger than ever though, so I knew I had to try it. I was also in New Zealand now (having left Ibiza permanently after 4 years of living there), and knew that black salve was becoming more common for skin cancers, so I found a recommended naturopath as I was sure she would have access to black salve.

First up I went through a vigorous kinesiology session with her and her Avatar machine, to discover any weaknesses in my system. Much like seeing a classic kinesiologist, who analyses the energetics your body communicates; the Avatar machine does exactly this, but is able to access far more possibilities and thus drill down into very specific causes for the weaknesses. Amongst a couple of other things, two types of bacteria showed up : Brucella Abortus and Aeromonas Hydrophila; and the BeAr 328208 virus. I asked her if I could try black salve for my skin lesion, and she suggested it would be a good idea. She wasn’t sure what it my skin issue was either. She applied the black salve paste to the lesion, covering it completely and protecting it with a dressing. Within a few hours it was itchy, burning with a slight stabbing pain every so often. I sensed it was working. 24 hours later I returned to my naturopath to check the progress, by wiping off the black salve and then observing the reaction. If there is nothing wrong with a skin lesion, actually nothing will happen. If it’s an unhappy lesion however (cancerous and/or abnormal cell growth), the black salve will immediately get to work upon application, by supporting and triggering your body's natural healing power to dig deep into the physical ‘roots’ of the issue and extract the toxic tissue back up and out. It’s like a win-win situation. In my case, the spot had become swollen and very inflamed around the edge. It was very much working ! I was so happy. Over the next ten days I watched it change immensely, replacing the dressing regularly if there was a lot of pus, whilst making sure not to knock the crust, and consequent scab that was forming. Around day 10, the scab 'extracted' itself, leaving somewhat of a hole, formed of new healthy, pink skin. I continued to keep it covered, and the hole rose up, filling itself to the level of the surrounding skin over the next 10-14 days. My health improved DRAMATICALLY over this period. Almost immediately after applying the salve I began to have more energy and the underlying fluey feeling disappeared. My sensitivity to food also began to diminish, however I still had to be very careful not to ever be complacent, and encourage the shingles virus by eating particular foods such as wheat, nuts or seeds. I have attached a series of photos at the end of the article to show the original sore, the entire process, and what it looks like nearly a year on. It’s a bit icky, so just to pre-warn you in case you have a sensitive stomach :) It was also in this short period, that a lot came up for me concerning my mother and father. All the mental programming and hence emotional energy I was still carrying in my day to day life. All of the little incidents as a child and the effects they had on me growing up, which were still playing out in subtle, but damaging ways for myself, were in full view. It wasn’t hard though, because I was with my family once again after many years, so I couldn’t help but feel them ! I did a lot of work around clearing these, by accepting the thoughts and feelings, forgiving myself, my parents, letting go, and reprogramming any detrimental thought patterns over a few weeks. (for reference I always find it takes around 21 days to reprogram yourself once you see something you’ve been carrying, if you want to shift it completely). Thankfully :) In conclusion, I would say that although black salve worked amazingly well in my case, and I would highly recommend it; it's an extremely strong protocol and not to be taken lightly. Research it, read testimonials and feel it out for yourself before jumping in if you decide to go this direction. I want to emphasize again, as you can see from reading my story, that there can be many factors in healing oneself. There's no 'silver bullet' as it’s a multidimensional process, and different for everyone. We have to look at ourselves on all levels: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically; and work through any issues or triggers thoroughly, otherwise we remain weak in these areas, and susceptible to environmental toxins - be it physical, emotional or mental 'toxins' - and spiritual - which are not so easy to see of course. All of these levels are intrinsically related and it seems that one can trigger the other, and vice versa. It must be a holistic approach to be a complete healing.

Furthermore, my journey of finding optimal health includes many many other facets over the years, so it is highly possible there is more to mention with regards to why my skin issue existed in the first place. For this article however, I wanted to share what I consciously know now, my specific experience with black salve and how I solved my issue; just in case it may resonate for someone else.

I’m more than happy to share further, so please get in touch if you feel to. Best of luck to everyone out there on their individual healing journeys <3 Much love,

x Simone

Here's a link to the article I came across regarding a new illness associated with bacteria from ticks (although the bacteria doesn't match what that came up on my Avatar session it could well be something still undiscovered to the medical 'system' as an associated tick disease, but I'm just happy to have solved it :) ) :

Where to buy black salve : I personally entrusted a naturopath for my black salve application and support. I would recommend this route if you decide to use this protocol. She had a lot of previous experience using black salve, which I felt was important; because as I mentioned earlier, it's powerful stuff. However, in the case of being unable to have easy access, I recently found some really good reviews of this particular black salve product. As always, we are responsible for healing ourselves and the choices we make, so don't take anything I say for truth, do your own research, get in touch with yourself and if you do it, know the process well before trying it :) ~

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