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  • by Simone Fougère

Are we distracted ? (and how to fix it)

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Yes, it does seem that we all are, in the grand scheme of things. And from the moment we are born…

Most people have no idea of the ‘distractions’ they themselves have been subjected to. Their parents were trained in the ‘way of life’, the ‘system’ of society, of doing-ness, from birth; and in the name of ‘progress’, they continued to submit to the current system, by passing on this way of living to their children, simply because they knew, and thought, no different.

It’s a vastly opposing viewpoint for the mind to process, that there may be another way to live, or to bring up children…and, admitting as a parent, that they may have been distracting themselves for their entire life, doing useless things, is even more challenging to digest.

What exactly ARE we distracting ourselves from though ?

From my point of view, our true human potential. The ability to use our body, mind and our consciousness in other ways. Our brilliant organic body technology, can seemingly do all sorts of things : from extra sensory or psychic abilities, to instantly healing oneself, to creating tangible objects out of thin air, to projecting our consciousness outside of time and space, or incredible abilities you hear of some people accessing. If one person can, surely we all can ?

So we are essentially being distracted away from knowing, and exploring our fully fledged human self, through the current system of doing-ness.

But not only are we distracting ourselves away, from discovering this far larger human potential, it’s fairly obvious that most of us aren’t even living our basic human potential, of being simply happy and relaxed.

What are these distractions then ?

Earning money/work, weekend plans, holiday bookings, weddings, nights out, administrational tasks, keeping fit, socialising, eating well (or not), commuting, family….this is enough to keep us busy, stressed and not much else.

Our mind is kept in a constant state of planning, scheduling, doing and not being able to do. We procrastinate, we belittle ourselves, we work in jobs that make our soul cry; and we find ourselves in a cycle of mostly work, with a little play on the side.

At this level, we cannot possibly imagine much more than the basic potential of being happy and relaxed, and we are probably even in a space of denying ourselves at least a comfortable, distracted existence. Most are just, surviving. What a state to be in !

And if that’s not enough, then we do have some space, we actually welcome extra ‘distractions’ that we slot in, to keep us *happily* busy ~ the festivals, music concerts, sports games, tv series’, films, shows, social media, magazines, books, celebrities…this even further denies us from discovering our larger human potential.

So, what IS going on then ?

We all do it…distracting ourselves in our own little ways…with some, more obviously than others.

For me, I have felt this since I was a little girl. All this busy-ness of doing stuff always felt wrong for me. School had so much fear embroidered into it, and I never wanted to compete in a career, or sign a piece of paper to get *married*. All this stuff just seemed pointless and actually downright stupid !

Now in my early 40s, after a lot of investigating inside of myself, and observing of the outside world; it’s fairly clear to me, that the way we are ‘taught’ to live, is just far enough away from the natural, organic rhythm of our true nature, and just enough in competition to other humans, to leave us accepting and interested in concept of current life; and just enough connected to nature, others and ourselves; that we are satisfied and don’t venture too far into trying to understand any more than we do about our reality.

In actuality there’s a huge fear program running in most people not to ask the big questions like ‘Why are we here ?’ ‘Where do I reside ?’ and ‘Who am I as a human ?’.

Questions we all asked our parents as kids !! …but of course never got a straight answer..

We are never encouraged, nor taught, to be introspective in order to understand ourselves and the world more, in order to make the world a better place. Nor are we taught about our body or how to survive simply in harmony with nature. Most of us have lost touch with ourselves, our beautiful environment and as a collective.

We have been taught to ‘manage’ our resources or in other words, control everything on the planet, and live under the rule of a system or government, which governs our mind. We have been taught that to make the world a *better* place we have to DO something outside of ourselves…and furthermore in a certain, accepted, politically correct way.

However, some of us wake up, and clearly see the distracted trip we have been on.

Those who do, often take self help courses, discover the new age religion, take a massage course, become a yoga instructor, open an Instagram account to be a model representative of something, share insights on social media, create a product they think people need or invent something to better the world…and then they feel somewhat satisfied. They feel they have broken the mould, and begun to break free…breathing a sigh of relief and finally feeling a little peace inside.

But have they ? Perhaps just still more distractions ? Just another ego ? A new monster to live up to ?

The system was built by few, and the system is very clever, for it matches our consciousness. Just like the political candidates that are offered up to us. They match the majority’s current state of consciousness...

But humans are like a virus it seems, we reinvent ourselves, we get smarter.

So the system has to move and adapt with us.

In the case of a person waking up a little, the system is there to make sure that on their new path they feel harmonious and victorious…

Hmmmmm….sneaky stuff. But it’s still all one big distraction because :

1) we’re still in a system which means we’re not free


2) we’re still not truly living in the moment

….which is where the true human flow and creativity is found in my experience.

In the space of untold freedom.

So why are we stuck in this situation ?

A major key to us staying in this current situation is:

1) the system, which uses money as an exchange.

This creates a huge need to plan ahead, taking us out of 2) the moment.

Take away money, and allow everything available at any point in time for anyone to use, and there would be no need for hoarding, for waste, for a lot of current useless money management jobs in fact. We would only produce what we want and needed. A world would be created on a far more efficient, healthy level. We would all need to simply contribute part of our time to sorting out the basic necessities we all need, and then play (rather than work) in the areas we were most skilled in.

Time would be far more abundant for everyone. There would be no need for crime.

But this is ohhhhhhh so hard for us to imagine…why can we not let our minds run freeeeeeeee ??

...well, this money / exchange thing is all we know…but really in many ways, this is KEY I feel, to the current destructive system being here, or not.

Money really is underpinning all we do, and don’t do. The way our time is spent. Just like money ;)

It’s usually the only reason why we work (unless we’re super lucky and found a way to do what we love and make money from it) and it’s the reason why we de-prioritise what should be prioritised in our life (like our own creativity, friendships and our health for example).

Actually, money is quite easily our BIGGEST distraction of all…and quite possibly intended to be this way…(and an enormously deep rabbit hole when you dive into who’s printing it and exactly what it is, but let’s keep it simple for the sake of the distraction point)

So to recap, life right now, as we know it, as a collective experience, is a distracted existence, living in a system, held up by money…..and thus is not allowing complete freedom for all…

…and in order to understand and discover our TRUE human potential, we must feel complete freedom to be, and do, at any point in time, whatever we intuitively feel…being fully responsible for ourselves...which oops, we've also given away to the system.

Perhaps though (because I don’t see money going away anytime soon) the actual solution is simple…really just by taking responsibility of simplifying our lives, and living more in nature, we can find a certain amount of freedom that allows us the time and space to uncover ourselves more fully :0)

Experiencing natural rhythms, away from the left brain, logical, mathematical constructs we have created; away from the AI and all the electromagnetic frequencies penetrating our skulls, influencing our mental and emotional states; is surely incredibly helpful in this pursuit.

Living and submerging ourselves into nature where we can finally hear our little voice inside again. I imagine all the pulls towards distractions will rapidly drift away from our consciousness….and through the boredom we will find playfulness and creativity as we did as children, once more :)

And I think that’s about all I can say on the matter. I’m gonna put my no money where my mouth is and I’m gonna try it. And get back to you on that one…

In the mean time, sending love and seriouslessness out there in the grand game of life, which I’ve got a feeling is gonna change pretty soon ;)

x Simone

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