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The Seriousness of Seriouslessness

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Simone vs Venus & Giulio vs David Seriouslessness

Seriouslessnessly ?

Yep. That’s what we thought too when it came into our lives.

Back in 2016, when Giulio decided to make the theme of his birthday party ‘seriouslessness’, I have to admit, I actually disregarded its importance and convinced him to change it to ‘silliness’ on the party invite….because I didn’t think it was understandable…and I didn’t like the fact that the word serious was included - how serious is that !

Little did we realise however, that this word was actually a gift to ourselves…because actually the word did get out, stayed out and slipped into our consciousness. And we now live our lives by it. Or try to ;)

Alongside CTFO (chilling the fuck out - or my new seriousless version ‘chilling the fuck outing’).

But what exactly does this mean in day to day life ? At first impression it may sound like it’s about not caring about anything, ignoring things, being silly or not taking responsibility for anything happening inside or out.

Ironically, we’ve realised, for us, it’s exactly the opposite, when utilised in the right way.

Both seriouslessness and CTFO are simply there to remind us not to be so serious, to relax and step back away from the external (or internal) crap.

But this can go very deep in fact. The good old respond, not react comes into play of course; take a breath, observe, take time to assimilate everything in your sphere of perception. Stop taking ourselves and things so seriously, and check your ego side that wants to always be right. Perhaps even reboot yourself by doing something completely unexpected. Break the energy cycle. In this moment of time and blank space, we can then let go, open our consciousness to all possibilities and get in touch with our childlike curiosity, which can gravitate towards connectedness, creativity, newness, self love, fun, playing and freedom. It ignites our intuition once again, and propels us into the oh so trustworthy…flow. Flow >>>> you know that amazing space that you’re in for a wee while and then suddenly you’re like, what ?! …how did I get out ? …and more importantly, how on earth do I get back into it ? And seriousness is a big problem in the world today. We can be serious about our job, our relationship, our family, our projects, who we vote for, what we are doing to *save* the planet; and get very caught up (and controlling) in the way we look, the way others see us, what we eat, how much exercise we do, if we’re being a good lover, a good parent, a good child, a good friend bla bla bla…and there is a lot of really bad crap going on in the world (and sadly even MORE than the mainstream information sources allow us to see of course)…and it can be very debilitating, fracturing and disempowering for us little humans. But really, putting more fear, more pressure, more control onto ourselves, is not, in my opinion, going to solve our earthly worries….is it ? More intuitive knowledge from the heart perhaps ? From being in the flow ? The anagram of earth = heart <3 >> surely that means something ? Well, a recent personal experience really showed me what was what. After being ill for a few days, unbeknownst by me, I managed to get myself into a state of unadulterated seriousness, and ironically it took a good serious chat from Giulio to me, to break my space ! …and get me back into feeling my way through again….from a seriouslessness point of view. After our wee chat, Giulio left me alone for many hours, so I wrote a lot and questioned what was seriouslessness about, really. If it was really my intention…if I wanted it even ? And if so, how I was hindering myself (I was, a LOT)…In my home being sick period, I really had gotten way too serious about stuff. External world stuff (I research A LOT of topics all the time, and gotten into a funk of wanting to UNDERSTAND everything once again ;) ). In the end, I had no choice but to scrap everything I knew, and reboot. I then decided the only obvious way forward was to start from scratch, and to approach life, like a baby does. So, I got naked (of course!) and wandered around our garden, amongst the cacti doing all sorts of unpredictable Simone things for 3 hours. Freedom and flow found once again - yay ! :) . I then decided to use my left brain in a positive way, and figured out a simple daily monitoring system to keep me in the seriouslessness vibe. And so far, I think it’s fair to say I’m doing very well ! A few blips every so often, but I laugh and reboot myself. I mean actually, I think this comes naturally to people anyway when doing a lot of self work over the years ~ you do begin to take yourself way less seriously, and immediately notice and acknowledge your overdramatic short comings when they pop up ~ but, there really is something about throwing the word seriouslessness out there too. And trying to be seriouslessness is a funny task too - a few times Giulio and I have just stopped what we’re doing and tried to be seriouslessness, and it’s brought out our serious side…which was a bit of a struggle, but great in the end too ! These two pictures at the top were our attempt at being seriouslessness for ourselves, but also showing others how we can take ourselves less seriously…but behind the scenes, boy, it was a funny lesson in being serious too ! So really, amongst all this seriouslessness adventuring, what we’ve discovered is actually there’s no right or wrong in the space of seriouslessness…because it is completely non-dual…which is the beauty in it…but, as our very good friend Linda would say, you’ve got to get serious, to get to the seriouslessness… and then my friends, go with the flow :0)

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