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what's the solution to this mess ?

Updated: Mar 6, 2022


7 years ago giulio and i met.

we went on an incredible trip.

exploring our connection and solving our shit.

we had no idea what we were doing.

intensity of truth and love rolled into our lives like a bulldozer.

then we began to create. anything we could imagine. truly.

and at some point in this creativity, we realised that way back when, we had both decided we wholeHEARTedly wanted freedom.

separately before we met, and then together.

we had INTENDED it, in that very moment, that we thought and felt it,

and then agreed to it when we spoke of it together when we met.

actually the speaking it, when we met, was initially more along the lines of 'no expectations'...freeing ourselves from placing expectation upon one another...

eventually it evolved from 'being in harmony with the universe' (giulio's original intent actually) to being an intention of pure FREEDOM

having no concept of the power of what we were doing at the time, nor what it truly meant.....we just went with was all we felt to do

and now looking back, all the challenges we faced, now make complete sense.

the five hour brutal conversations that came in three parts.

my ruthless approach to giulio.

his relentless lectures to me.

we were owning our shit through each step. for everything.

mental. emotional. spiritual. physical. financial...

the jealously, the arrogance, the child, the princess, the victim, the controller, the sickly, the tired, the moaner, the male, the female, the whatever you can think limits you.

we discovered that through our intention for FREEDOM, intention is behind everything you play out in your life. whether you realise it or not...

it's the very core of our creation. it directs you subconsciously...

so, all we need to do, is decide the basis for OUR show in the earth game. what is it ?

is it freedom ? do you know what freedom really means actually ?

intending freedom will allow you anything and EVERYTHING, on every level (health, emotions, mind, finances, energy, water, food, home to name a few).

but, are you ready to take responsibility for it ?

if the answer is YES....then it's simple.


....and go with the flow....

good luck.

....and friggin hurry up !!

we're waiting for you so we can start the REAL game TOGETHER.



xx sim and giulio

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