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Is Our Intuition Sabotaged By the Globe Earth Theory ?

A look back at our intuitive response in childhood and how it may have been sabotaged...

So the typical story goes like this. We are born. Our parents tell us stuff. We think some of it is boring, some is interesting. We do our own exploring. We follow our flow, we play, and create amazing little pieces of art and games. Nature tells us a lot about our new world.

Then we start kindergarten or pre-school. We are shown a globe model of where we live, Earth, very early on. Our teacher tells us we live on a ball, and it spins. Most kids look dumbfounded, and confused. A few ask ‘silly’ questions like “but does that mean we are upside down because we live in the Southern hemisphere ?” The teacher replies “yes, but it’s ok, because gravity holds you on”.

Some of the kids start feeling a little uneasy, their belly feels uncomfortable, kind of knotted. More kids ask questions like “but how come it looks flat Miss ?” and “how come I don’t feel like I’m moving ?”. The teacher smiles kindly and simply says, “it’s so big and going so fast you just can’t notice the curve, nor the speed, plus we’ve been used to it since we were born.” She (or he) may even say “yes I know it sounds crazy everyone, but it’s just the way it is !”.

From that moment, we have been programmed. We have programmed our minds to ignore our intuition. Actually, not only ignore it, but we have programmed ourselves to believe that an intuitive feeling is saying the opposite of what it really is. Our intuition is saying FALSE. We are falsely told it is TRUTH. The result: when we feel this intuitive ’false’ feeling again, we will now likely still feel uneasy, yet still recognise it as truth.

What kind of grown up does this create ? A very confused one perhaps ? Where everyone deceives one another. We deceive ourselves. Our relationship with everything suffers. We have no clue as to how to live, find truth, who to trust and how to flow anymore. We have no idea where we are and who we truly are; and we are lost.

When ordinarily our intuition should be there as a guiding light, an energy that directs us to flow, finds out how things work and what makes us happy; in one small moment, very early on, it may well have been taken from us. And it could all be down to the loss of one of our primary senses (of which we are 'told' we have five)...our intuition.

And perhaps this is why the world is as we see today. A programmed, deceptive, unintuitive, passionless system; that most people have forgotten to question.

Child looking at Globe Earth

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