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is geo-engineering* causing severe influenza (and 'covid-19') ?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

(regularly updated to reflect current situation)

* 'chemtrails' is the commonly used term for public discussion of a worldwide aerial chemical spraying programme; although one will find when researching, that the terms 'geoengineering' and 'cloud seeding' will bring to light more concrete evidential information, with regards to the history of this programme, science, weather modification patents and government projects. they are the same entity, yet one is dismissed as conspiracy 'theory'. ;)

so, i want to share my experiences of an influenza very similar (if not the same), to what one would describe as the severe type of covid-19 illness. this severe influenza or 'flu', was a regular occurrence in my life over the past two decades (at least 30 times), all over the world, from London (UK), Ibiza (Spain), Denmark, Colorado (USA), Bali (Indonesia) to New Zealand.

i've experienced particularly strong flu since my early twenties (I'm now 45), receiving a strong dose, at least every winter living in London from 1998-2011. It would leave me bedridden for many days, with lots of pain, and lots of head cold / sinus / headache symptoms. from 2009 onwards however, it became more regular, and distinctly stronger.

i would experience it every few months, and i started to notice that the symptoms would appear soon after exercising or spending time outside, under a heavily sprayed, geo-engineered or 'chemtrailed' sky.

i always thought i must have breathed in a nasty 'virus' that came from the spraying; alongside the aluminium, strontium, barium and polymer fibres (which are seemingly capable of growing and reproducing inside our bodies).

i had been observing and researching chemtrails for several years already, so knew a fair amount, about what was speculated to be contained within them, and also what had been discovered through ground sample tests taken all across the world following strange mass die offs, or diseases of specific trees, and investigations into various types of human diseases such as 'morgellons'.

to be clear, we are not talking about 'contrails', those being water condensation trails you can also see from behind an airplane. contrails disappear rapidly, chemtrails do not.

chemtrails are thicker and dissipate across the sky, creating cloud cover that stays for many hours. for more information on this topic please refer to the scientist Harald Kautz Vella, Jim Lee and Geoengineering Watch.

back to my supposed 'virus' related flu. my symptoms were always very similar. shortness of breathe initially. a dry, sore throat would come on usually within 2-3 hours of exposure, then the infection would go directly to my chest.

i would be bedridden for the next ten days, to two, or even three weeks. high fever, night sweats, heavy sore chest, terrible aches and pains all over (felt like there was burning acid running through my veins), sinus headaches and/or stomach aches and an inordinate amount of phlegm.

sometimes i could barely breathe, thinking to myself many times i may not wake up in the morning due to choking on the phlegm. i'd have to sleep propped upright up by pillows.

i looked like death most of the time (ask Giulio!). honestly at times i felt like i was dying ! my lungs were so sore. i couldn't stand to be near my laptop or phone. it would drain the little energy i had and make me feel worse.

no energy for weeks, and a start stop journey, to regaining my full energy. having energy to go out of the house, then feeling awful again if i did. finally though, usually after three or so weeks, i would feel 'normal' and would have gained my strength, but it would always be another two weeks to get rid of the cough.

many times however, if i was unlucky i would relapse immediately, and go through another cycle of flu, or have the addition of shingles detoxing (not fun!). so sometimes it would be a six week stint.

in the past 10 years i would usually get this flu every three or so months minimum, and i would always be teetering on the verge of getting ill, with my glands being slightly swollen over the smallest thing. i would notice that dusty air would also irritate them (hold that thought alongside the chemtrail particulates, it's a clue towards my next article, on what 'viruses' truly are).

an interesting point to note. from 2012 - 2017 i was living on the island of ibiza, where i experienced the majority of these strong influenza bouts, and have since returned periodically for several months every year up until the end of 2019.  i would still find myself ill there more than anywhere else in the world.

many of my friends living there also experienced heavy influenza throughout these years, and still do. people would complain of the same symptoms over and over again. a lengthy illness, always straight to the lungs, sometimes very scary and turning into pneumonia and a nagging cough for weeks following.

the chemtrail spraying on ibiza would come in waves, small planes criss crossing the skies for weeks on end, then a few weeks with clear blue, sunny skies. it was a repetitive cycle. this was easy to see.

it was also easy to observe that the usual passenger flight routes would go around the east then south side of the island, or sometimes from the north and then east at the same times of the day and week. they never flew over the island (until late 2016 when they introduced a new approach route across the island).

smaller planes than passenger planes however, would be present early in the morning flying very high, back and forth across the island, creating long lines, which would bubble outwards and eventually dissipate into large 'cloud' cover which would stay throughout the day. beautiful sunny day to start, small planes criss crossing, then cloudy, heavy feeling day following.

looking back now, i actually probably had what one would call 'pneumonia' most times !

but once i reached my mid twenties, i never dreamed of going to a hospital, a doctor or taking any form of drugs, even for intense pain. i always wanted to take full responsibility, to understand my body more, and knew that taking drugs would interfere with my body's processes and mean more for my body to get rid of in the long run.

i can only imagine now, what all of those sinus pain and nurofen tablets did to me that i took in my teens and early twenties when i had the flu.

and in fact, i can fully understand that if someone gets the flu i described above, for several reasons, they could die....i count myself lucky because i've been very much focused on self healing for years, know a lot of natural remedies, and how to handle the process at home without making it worse; and i always avoided subjecting myself to more toxicity in a hospital.

in the end though, i'm very happy to say that i did strengthen my immune system, and became far more resilient. i gained weight too (much to Giulio's glee) ! the key for me, was figuring out what truly made me vulnerable to experiencing influenza in the first place. i haven't had this severe influenza in 11 months now, which is a record for me !

i know the signs, the precautions and the remedies that work now, for me. everyone's different of course, but if you're interested, i wrote a whole article on my healing journey here :

and now, this entire covid-19 saga also took me on a journey beyond my wildest wisdom. it flipped all my belief systems about health, the body and nature upside down, and connected a ton of dots from years of research in many directions. if you want to join me on that trip, here it is :


so what does the chemtrail influenza i described above, have in common to our current, well publicised 'covid-19' flu 'pandemic'...?

i'm personally sensing A LOT. looking around the world at these severe cases of flu, and listening to the symptoms, they sound very, very similar to my experiences over the past two decades.

it's my feeling, that the relentless chemtrail spraying across the world, of a toxic cocktail of (at the very least) aluminium, barium, strontium and polymer fibres; is triggering a detoxification response which create the severe flu symptoms

.....and this is our severe 'covid-19' *

....and it's been with us for decades already...

plus, baring in mind that the PCR test is highly inaccurate, as it's not meant for diagnostic testing, and literally becoming positive for genetic material we all have, or if enough cycles or amplifications are done (I'll talk more about that in later articles)....interestingly within an hour of Biden being inaugurated, he reduced the amount of cycles from 45 to 25-35 ~ and cases immediately dropped !

furthermore, if we consider even more environmental toxins, well known to be present in many cities; alongside the lock-up torture conditions; we can perhaps now explain the even more extreme cases, and excess deaths arising in the major epicenters of Wuhan, northern Italy, New York City, Spain, London, Belgium, Ecuador, Peru etc.

i've written more on this topic here :

and of course......what about those chemtrails.....? what exactly IS this polymer fiber crap ? ....and what is it that is making people sick ?

thanks for reading !

x simone

for geo-engineering aka chemtrails, please refer to the scientists Harald Kautz Vella (although bare in mind he is still stuck in the false germ 'theory'), Jim Lee and Geoengineering Watch.

* 'covid-19' can also translated as 'certification of vaccination identification 2019'

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