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how i healed myself from recurring influenza

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

i have recently understood that influenza is actually a strong detoxification and cleansing method that our own body initiates, due our microbiome being overwhelmed (link at end of article for more info on this)

here's what made me susceptible (or 'immunocompromised' as they like to say these days), to this happening :

>>> eight mercury tooth fillings from a young age

>>> breathing in a particular dust around the age of 17 and 18, whilst training on a dirt track for track and field athletics in Jakarta, Indonesia

>>> fell asleep on a rock that damaged a nerve in my hip area

>>> becoming vegetarian in 2006, eventually raw vegan from 2009, until 2014

>>> a tick bite in London, in 2012

>>> breathing in toxins from geo-engineering toxins all over the world (my previous article ''is geo-engineering causing severe influenza (and covid-19) ?'' describes this)

i don't doubt also, that living in jakarta, indonesia from ages 9-12, and 16-19 had an effect on my health. Jakarta was second in line behind mexico city as the most polluted city in the world at that time in the mid eighties, and early nineties. we only ever saw the sun poke through on sundays. villagers burning plastic at the side of the road, exhaust fumes everywhere, highly chlorinated pools, toxin laden canals and waterways overflowing every time it rained. showering in our tap water, which came out brown a lot of the time.

childhood vaccines will always play a part too, if not immediately after having them, but for sure years, if not decades later. injecting ANYTHING into your body puts your body into shock, as it doesn't know what to do with it, nor how to detox it, due to it not going through the normal channels. not to mention the fact many ingredients are toxic such as mercury, aluminium and animal 'viruses'. please see here for a full list.

after noticing a metallic taste in my mouth every so often over the years (many times after using my phone close to my jaw), and learning about the horrific side effects of mercury amalgam fillings, including through a friend who was deathly ill, and who immediately healed after extracting them; i extracted mine in 2004/5, being very careful to use correct holistic safety protocols and detoxification methods. i noticed instantly less sinus pain when i did get the flu, and the metallic taste disappeared never to be tasted again !

the realisation that i had breathed some sort of dust in the early 90s, whilst at school in jakarta, came up through kinesiology i did with giulio. giulio dowses with a pendulum (has done for 20 years, he's very good!) and me i use my body ~ back/forth no/yes. during one session of trying to figure out my health, we went all the way back to 1992, and to the cause being dust on the running track.

that's what's so great about kinesiology, if you have the right questions, you can find out so much from deep within your body's intelligence. it never forgets !

it seemed that the dust lodged itself in my lungs, and eventually detoxed out through my 20s (via coughing through heavy chesty flus), but compromised my damaged my lungs at the time, leaving me susceptible to the flu (detoxing), and eventually left me with mechanical repercussions in how i breathe. i've also since done a lot of emotional and mental work on this, and breath work, to shift and reprogram my body in the way it works.

another strange event happened in 2005, that i only recently understood, was a major contributory factor to my 'immunocompromised', or weakened state. i fell asleep (after a night of partying :)) on a sharp rock. i had a slightly sore hip area afterwards, but never connected the dots until now.

several months later i had an itching sensation then shooting pains up my back. a doctor diagnosed it as 'shingles', and told me that i would need to have lysine 'for the rest of my life'. lysine helped instantly, and i continued to take supplements for six months but then weened myself of it. i was fine for eight years, and then i began to get painful recurring shingles 'outbreaks' in my hip area around 2013.

my shingles journey has been a long challenging one, but i now see shingles symptoms as a healing mechanism from the injury, that only happens when my microbiome is overwhelmed, due to emotional or mental stress, or excess arganine intake causing my body to become acidic.

my next compromising event. after feeling so great initially as a vegetarian in 2006, and even more so, when i switched to being raw vegan in 2009; it took me years to psychologically connect the dots, to notice the diet was not working for my body. having had huge amounts of energy at the very beginning, alongside seeing my eyes go white, sparkle and my skin glow, looking at my diet was kind of the last thing thought of.

i was super healthy wasn't i ? sprouting all my nuts, seeds, buckwheat, sea greens, superfoods, lots of green juices, smoothies, fresh fruit and raw veggies, sprouted nut milk, coconut oil etc etc....

but eventually i lost too much muscular weight for my frame (i'd always been slender, but then i became skinny). it took me years to realise, that whatever i did, i could not gain the weight i had lost. i do recall feeling hungry a lot of the time when i was vegan, so i would really need to eat a lot more in terms of amount of food, and more regularly.

in fact i later discovered, that my body was actually eating itself (best food it could find), and perhaps this could be a factor with being vegan, and many people losing weight, the hunger pushes the body to eat itself as last resort ?

some also say that many of us simply cannot make muscles out of plant 'protein', rather we need like for like, ie. we have an 'animal' body, so eating animal 'protein' works best. whatever the case, i've learned we are all different, and different consciousnesses too, so some people thrive as a vegan (RH+ blood types seem to), many of us do not.....for me, i definitely have a fast metabolism, so i seem to struggle eating only fruit and vegetables until i figure out a way to live on air, or the energy around me too !

i have to also add that i loved to dance all night into the early hours, and needing a long sleep afterwards, i would miss a couple of meals. i sense that in these times of pushing myself more physically (including with some alcohol and feel good party fun), and essentially burning off more fuel than I had, that would also contribute to my body's weight loss.

in 2005 and again at the end of 2009, i had a very strong pneumonia type flu in London, again in 2010 in Norfolk, and several in 2011 in London, and from then on once i had moved to ibiza, it was influenza war in my body every few months. i just didn't seem to have the resources inside to keep my body healthy.

i had also started to notice geo-engineering or 'chemtrails' in the sky at this point, and making a connection that the flu was triggered after i was caught out under them. you can read more about that in my last article

eventually i began eating organic grass-fed meat again at the end of 2013 and although i immediately found some changes in my energy and had a slight weight gain, i still continued to have terrible bouts of flu, much to my annoyance !

how i learned to navigate my flu bouts

through trial and error whilst i was ill with the flu, I discovered that smoothies and juicing made it much worse. eventually i realised that perhaps it was the sugar content ! of course then anything that turns to sugar in the body was also out - flour, rice, lentils, chickpeas etc. organic buckwheat became my best friend, and twice cooked potatoes always seemed to help ~ becoming a restricted starch, they are essentially pre-biotics, so feed your good bacteria.

homemade chicken broth was great until i poisoned myself with heavy metals that had leeched out of the bones from the poor chemtrail-infested (actually organic) chicken and i felt even worse ! i dowse every organic chicken i buy these days, if i am going to make a broth from the bones. standing balanced, upright, feet apart with the food in question in front of me, i ask my body if it's good for me to eat and i naturally move forward/towards or back/away, a definite no.

eventually though, i realised fasting and pure water was the way through the flu quickly. my body would always tell me eventually what, and when to eat.

outside of my flu bouts i worked extremely hard to regain my physical strength and gain weight; trying every protocol imaginable (mms, urine therapy, cannabis oil, herbs, supplements, fasting etc), whilst using kinesiology / dowsing, to diagnose and treat all that came up.

finally, what truly worked to get me out of the recurring flu cycle was this :

1) black salve (on a tick bite on my back - after four years struggling with it, i intuitively sensed a tick bite was causing my body to be on high alert cleansing all the time)

2) eating raw organic grass fed beef, raw organic eggs and drinking raw organic cow and goat's milk, all of which enabled me to rebuild my animal / muscle body structure

3) taking specific cell salts for over a year (dowsing which ones of the 12 salts i needed regularly)

4) 1000mg liposomal vitamin C* every day for 6 months

a few notes :

>> my water has always been near 0ppm pure distilled and restructured, for the past decade

>> i've eaten all organic food and used all organic skincare since 2004.

>> i had all of my mercury amalgam fillings out in 2005, (using the correct protocols) and noticed a huge difference back then (this was before my veggie vegan escapades)

>> i've been working on my mental / emotional, childhood / life trauma and programmes, since as long as i can remember, and even more so since my deep personal relationship with Giulio began in 2013. 'solving' the male / female relationship has been a priority focus for us both too.

my current go-to remedies

if i feel like i'm getting ill OR if i find myself outside under a chemtrailed sky OR i feel slightly tired and not quite myself, OR a little acidic, OR swollen lymph glands i :

1) dowse my body to understand the cause of the imbalance

2) take a sip on water with dissolved food grade baking soda (1 tsp per glass). this i find helps the body rebalance the elevated acidity so it can get on with the illness / detoxing crisis. i do this each hour if needs be, until i feel more energised / less acidic. i always dowse it.

3) immediately SLEEP. Tiredness to me is an alarm, that my body needs to work. So i sleep. it works a trick ! i used to not notice i was pushing through. i NEVER do this now as i know where it ends up

4) drink pure, distilled, restructured water (i use a crystal) to assist in attracting and washing out of toxic waste

5) FAST so the body can focus on working, not digesting

6) stay away from EMF devices

7) get sunshine on my skin

8) lie naked (if feasible) on the ground to ground myself

9) gargle with mid-stream urine if my throat is sore (dealing with a toxin), i find it helps immensely and almost immediately heals me (link for a great book on this vast topic below). i also use it for many skin issues and burns, which disappear in seconds :)

what i do now in general these days to stay strong and healthy :)

>> really try to listen to my body always

>> eat what works for me to be strong

>> try to get most of my water needs from fruit

>> sip on pure water and carbonated water or baking soda water every so often, i never drink a lot at once anymore, as it dilutes the stomach acid and puts kidneys under pressure.

>> swim in the sea often

>> get my skin in the sun often

>> wear blue blocking frequency glasses day and night when using my computer (saves not only my eyesight but also melatonin depletion)

>> use only incandescent light bulbs or candles, or better, go to bed with the sun

>> right now every morning i take a few teaspoons (again i dowse this if needs be) of organic (clean) diatomaceous earth in water, to assist my body in pulling out toxins and supporting the nervous system with a variety of minerals

>> eat only 'clean' (pesticide free) organic food, including a good percentage of fresh, raw fruit and veggies. also some fermented food (i do avoid kombucha now, and stopped having kefir, it didn't dowse well anymore - as does most fermented foods)

>> use my body to dowse food if i'm not sure to eat something

>> have a 995 sticker to ALL my man-made EMF emitting devices (neutralizing technique from the Scottish School of Energetics, it works, you can muscle test it)

my journey into understanding more about what i had been experiencing did not end here however....the current ongoing saga of covid-19 opened up a whole new world for me in understanding what influenza (and all illness in truth), truly is....why i kept experiencing it....and how our miraculous bodies actually work in conjunction with the outside world....

you can read more about my deeper journey here :

hoping in some way this helps someone solve their stuff too :)

x simone

*acerola cherry derived, and sunflower oil encapsulated vitamin c. ascorbic acid is NOT natural vitamin c and can be very detrimental to the body....and as always, 'dowse' your body's knowledge before taking anything

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Aug 09, 2021

Where can I find the 955 technique? Could you please share a link?

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