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influenza is detoxing = humanity has been poisoned

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

i'd been watching the wuhan chinese saga unfold from new zealand, since december 2019. from the outset, it seemed to contain the typical fear narrative that we'd been subjected to, for every other animal 'virus' outbreak over the past few decades. some sort of influenza that was stronger than usual, and seemingly more 'contagious'.

in late february 2020 however, i started to wonder why new zealand still had many flights from china, and even wuhan, landing on its shores, IF the virus was seemingly as detrimental, and contagious, as it was rapidly being made out to be. then i read an account from a so-called chinese general.

i'll admit, i got the fear. for a moment. actually very rare for me these days. but the situation he described in wuhan sounded so horrific, and deeply concerning.

luckily however, giulio brought me back into a space of objective peace, and reminded me that we were useless. useless if we were succumbed by negative emotions, rather than just take the information we had read (and not seen, nor experienced ourselves), park it, allow it to percolate and add it into the bigger picture of everything, at a later date, as and when required.

discerning our reality, has been our focus for years, hence the name of our website. and what a better reminder then especially, to do exactly that. SO much information, from SO many different angles, sources, opinions and SO much fear from the mainstream narrative.....which has always been a red flag for me to look deeper.

when the mainstream, government narrative is fear, what a more pertinent time to look behind, at who could be gaining from the fear.

this set me up to digest my next slice of fear, being the lingering thought, that i would get this aggressive flu, and that it would be so overwhelming for my lungs, that i couldn't breathe and i would actually die this time (see my other article on my recurring flu). i acknowledged this early on, and decided to do a herbal lung cleanse, and focused on what worked for me to be as strong and healthy as i could be (outlined in my other article on how i healed here)

i also processed death, and any latent fears i still had around it (even though i have a strong intention to leave this duality reality, there is of course my little human me, who still has a wish that we could all live in abundance, beauty and harmony here)

processing death, is something very personal, deep, and i feel, would assist us immensely in moving through this chaos we now face collectively. for when one moves past the fear of it (as with any psychological fear), a gentle peace and freedom is experienced, and a more rational, measured approach can be applied to the situation at hand.

moving forward, giulio and i began to research all different avenues as to what this 'virus' actually was. i then shared an interview on facebook that we had enjoyed, with harald kautz vella, an independent scientist whose information we had both followed for many years. a friend commented on the post, saying that they had listened to the first 10 minutes, but that harald was still 'stuck in the virus lie' so they had left the interview there.

i was perplexed. somewhat insulted too ! i then remembered a few articles and information i had seen fly by on my newsfeed in the past year or so, from many of very knowledgable facebook friends from across the world, that said viruses simply, did not exist.

i've expanded my friends list on facebook over the past decade, to include many people on the search for truth and freedom, some experts in their field, some simply passionate for knowledge and learning; but all of whom know, that the world is not right, that something is seriously amiss, and that as human beings we have far more potentiality, than we consciously know, or currently live; and all of them can see, and want, to create a better world.

i went on a frenzied hunt for knowledge. hours and days went by. giulio and i listened to lectures, interviews, documentaries, and read every article we could lay our eyes on, as to what viruses were ~ both from the accepted narrative, and the 'science' we had been taught based on Louis Pasteur's 'germ theory' that germs are the cause of disease; to the alternative model, based on the largely forgotten (or well hidden), scientific model of Antoine Béchamp, namely the 'terrain theory', where an acidic

the information then took us on at least three weeks of deep contemplation, hours of discussion, and an immense amount of 'aha' epiphany moments !

many months on, and i can now explain what we learned and consequently realised, in plain english.

we grow our bodies in the womb. to a specific blueprint. starting with our heart (one of our brains), we move forward to create every single tendon, muscle, bone, organ and cell to enable us to think, move, sleep, talk, digest, breathe and HEAL with ease, mostly without even having to think about it for it to happen.

think about this.

so what is illness then ?

the body is not performing normally right ?

why would that be ?

perhaps something has disrupted its natural processes ?

what would that be ?

something that's not meant to be there, that the body can't get out effectively ?

why would this be ?

ok, so let's look at our world.

>> we are breathing air that's not always pure oxygen. industrial pollutants, chemical cleaners, roadside pesticides, dust, heavy metals and nano particles via chemtrails etc.

>> we are eating food tainted with pollutants from DNA changing GMO foods, pesticide residue (glyphosate), heavy metals, plastics, aluminium foil residue, aluminium/teflon/ceramic coated/copper cookware etc.

>> we are drinking polluted water that contains inorganic minerals (rocks), fluoride, industrial poisons (1080 etc), pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs etc

>> we are injecting foreign and toxic matter into our body, via vaccines. just the very action (because it is so unexpected and does not enter the body through normal channels), is always going to be shocking, to the precisely tuned processes in our body.

>> we are living in an electromagnetically charged environment of unnatural man-made microwave frequencies from WiFi, bluetooth, mobile phone towers, cellphones, tablets, laptops, electricity and the proposed 5G 'internet of things' mm wavelegth blanketing of earth; that most certainly affect our natural electromagnetic frequency

>> we are not always processing and releasing strong emotional energy or 'energy in motion', in a healthy way. this energy causes chemical reactions which in turn affects the body's normal processes. many times we hold onto this energy in certain parts of our body and continue to create chemical reactions from it and cellular waste (read more on this here)

our body has to deal with all these poisons, assaults, and the toxicity they also create, DAILY.

of course, being that the body is of such magnificent design, easily performing the aforementioned natural tasks; there is of course also a very precise system to extract things that are not meant to be there.

we all know one way, being that after we eat, anything not suitable or required, is then expelled (sometimes quickly!) through the mouth or the bowels.

now, what if we have too much to deal with all at once ?

we've breathed in toxic air, we've eaten toxic food, we're drinking toxic water, we're living in an man-made EMF soup, our body is dealing with vaccine toxins (even years later); and our processing and expulsion system cannot process quick enough.

we've had years of this. our mouth, our stomach, our lungs,our liver, our kidneys, our lymphatic system, our intestines are all finally at maximum effort.

what can the body do ?

store it for later extraction, that's what !

in our fat cells usually. or anywhere it deems safe from affecting the body's basic processes. actually many times your body will store toxins in cells that already need healing attention. then, when the body has time and space to extract these toxins, it collects them out of the cells in which they were stored and expels them.

this usually happens when you stop eating, when you fast for a day. when you give your body a break from the energetic process of digestion, it can attend to other matters. and of course you do tend to get 'flu symptoms' when you fast...

but, if you never fast, and you continue to create an acidic terrain with all the toxins you ingest (lifestyle, emotional, food, environment, fear, people etc), your body will deteriorate considerably, storing toxins everywhere which build into 'dis-ease' (ie. symptoms of toxemia) or give you a strong detoxification and cleansing, ie. a cold or the flu, if your body has the energy to do so...

realising this, made my whole world of recurring flu, my vegan past, and my ill health so CLEAR...not only was my body lacking nutrients and hence the ability to heal and rebuild itself regularly; i was up against a plethora of poisons falling from the sky too, that i had to get out somehow. my body needed to make me physically rest, and fast, as it was the only way my body could cope with, and extract these extra poisons.

so, we are living in a toxic world...and what we know as influenza, is actually detoxifying and cleansing us:)

and as i've shared in my previous article, it looks like a yes to this question... 'is geo-engineering causing severe influenza (and covid-19) ?'

of course though, then the question begs......

what about the 'virus' we're being told exists ? and what about GERMS ????

to answer that, let's look a little more at the detail of how the body detoxes in my next article :

and if 'covid-19' is actually just detoxing, then what toxin is it from ? i'll go more into this in :

thanks for reading !

x simone

links for further research and delving into what viruses, colds and the flu really are :

>>> youtube playlist of virus documentaries, lectures and interviews (although many have now been deleted of course) : Viruses Playlist

>>> great interview on terrain theory and blood : Dr. Kaufman w/ Adam and Josh Bigelsen on Terrain Theory

>>> also check out Dr Andrew Kaufman, Amanda Vollmer, Robert O Young, Aajonus Vonderplanitz and Dr Thomas Cowan don other platforms such as, and

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Simone Fougère
Simone Fougère
Sep 10, 2020

thanks tony ! <3


Sep 10, 2020

loved this one...Love Love

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