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if influenza is detoxing, what exactly is a 'virus' then ? (in plain english)

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

come april 2020 after weeks of research, giulio and i were finally coming to terms with our new ways of seeing influenza (in fact all illness) as detoxification and cleansing (as i explained in my last article 'influenza is detoxing = humanity has been poisoned') ~ whether caused by external physical toxins, or by internally created toxins (through emotional energy) or bodily waste (dead cellular tissue).

the next puzzle piece for us, was understanding what a so called 'virus' was, and how it fitted in, with the flu detoxification processes. i'm gonna give it my best shot now, to explain the scientific picture of detoxification in the simplest way possible, which shows just how incredibly smart our bodies are !

it took a while of delving deeply to truly understand it, so i recommend if you also wish the same understanding; then read, watch and ponder all you can on the topic ! there's some links at the bottom of this article.

so, how does the body detox, and how does the 'virus' bit fit into this process ?

for the most part it's your 'microbiome' that detox any toxic material or waste. they are your daily clean up crew, and simply put, consist of phagocytocis, somatids, bacteria, fungi and parasites. they exist in a happy symbiotic relationship with what you choose to ingest (or accidentally ingest). who would have thought these guys are helping us ?!?!?

'Phagocytosis' : process by which certain living cells called phagocytes ingest or engulf other cells or particles. Phagocytes may be free-living one-celled organisms, such as amoebas, or body cells, such as white blood cells (

eat lots of sugar (that includes grains, legumes, beans, starches etc) and you'll have lots of parasites to process it. parasites also like heavy metals, so they eat and process them for you, and if you can get the parasites out safely, so do the heavy metals.

bacteria for the most part scavenge for, and process dead cellular tissue. actually too, if you think about it, in nature that's also their job.

fungi break down, and decompose and transform dead or toxic material just like in nature. a so called 'tumorous' cancer for example, is fungi growing around a toxic material, in order to process, dissolve and dispose of safely, at a later date. candida is mercury toxicity.

but, when the microbiome cannot process specific toxins, or have had too much to process already in recent times, they start dying off, and this dead material adds to the toxicity of your body, which your body must also clear out somehow.

this is when your cells enact their last ditch effort 'magic pill' >>> a highly energetic process, which calls upon the cell's nucleus to produce a specific protein, namely an 'exosome' (this is what scientists view as a 'virus').

the exosome is created to dissolve foreign debris, dead and dying cells, and toxicity within the body. there are apparently over 300,000 different types of exosomes ('viruses') cells can produce (each specific to the type of cell and toxin it seems), and the body can use up to three different types at one time. the exosome can be thought of as a soap, or a solvent (like water), cleaning inside the cell (if needs be), then gently breaking out of the cell, to continue the clean up, processing and excretion via the appropriate channels.

the excretion channels to get the toxins out are through skin via sweating, breathing out through the mouth (bad breath), phlegm that is coughed up, spat out or runs out of your nose; or through the bowels of course. frequent peeing will also be part of the extraction process, as water helps flow the toxins out. ie. the flu !

these cleansing solvents (ie. exosomes / 'viruses') running through your body containing toxic debris, give you all sorts of terrible aches and pains. they contain toxins within them, so moving all of this through your veins, digestive and lymphatic system is probably why it feels pretty uncomfortable !

funnily enough, 'virus' actually means 'poison' in latin. makes sense right ? a toxin-loaded liquid buzzing around on it's way out....literally cellular debris

and in fact, the 'antibodies' that we hear of, are specifically created to direct and safely transport the liquid gunk/exosomes out of the body. they are essentially like a lock and key partnership, designed to work together and direct the gunk out of the body.

so to recap.

1) we process all sorts of nasties on a daily basis, which is the job of our microbiome : phagocytocis, somatids, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

2) when the microbiome is overwhelmed and dying off, the body creates an 'exosome', a solvent-like substance in the cell's nucleus to clean out everything toxic (including all dead material).

3) we have all sorts of symptoms associated with this process, and this state is what we call 'influenza'.

4) the 'exosome' or liquid solvent (of which there are seemingly over 300,000 identified), looks exactly like a 'virus'.

5) the body creates specific 'antibodies' to direct the exosome / liquid gunk in toxic extraction

what's kinda funny, and interesting here, is that within this whole flu business (which it is), scientists are simply observing the exosome ('virus') as a cause of illness, rather than the effect of a way, just like doctors think symptoms are the bad guy, rather than looking deeper into the cause.

think about all the times a doctor has said to you that the reason you are ill is because you have some awfully bad bacteria and what you need, is antibiotics (anti-life) to kill them all !

..when in reality, the bacteria are there cleaning up waste from some sort of trauma your body went through (or you continue to chemically cycle over and over again)

of course this is very new information to most of us, and it opens up many rabbit holes, and avenues of questioning. and it's a bit of a head twister for sure....

but for both of us, it was incredibly empowering moving through this information, and shattered any fear or anguish we had towards nature, and the evil invisible 'germs' we have been told exist.

i feel we all have the right to understand our bodies (which should be taught in school or by our parents), so we can become fully responsible our bodies (which is actually kinda easy once we know how they work!) and so i felt compelled to try and explain things in a simple way, in case it benefits someone, somewhere (and connects us with more playmates!)

i'll leave you with some further delving links below, and if you're curious why we are so muddled and back to front on this topic, you might want to check out my next little piece

and i hear you saying, but what about the contagious part though ? ....i'll go into that here

thanks for tuning in !

x simone

links for further research and delving into what viruses, colds and the flu really are :

>>> here is a short description on bitchute : "How to Heal Colds or Flu - Knowledge Is Power - Germs Are Not The Cause"

>>> youtube playlist of virus documentaries, lectures and interviews : Viruses Playlist

>>> also check out : Dr Andrew Kaufman, Amanda Vollmer, Robert O Young, Aajonus Vonderplanitz and Dr Thomas Cowan's work on other video platforms such as, and

Telegram is also a great platform to find information from the above doctors and researchers

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