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influenza is not contagious (in the way we are told)

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

if you are not up to speed with the old, yet new thinking, that influenza is a strong detoxification and cleaning mechanism, you might want to check out my last few articles on the subject first :

in fact ALL illness is not contagious in the way we have been told. there are no evil germs hanging around on a person, ready to pounce on, and infect the next unsuspecting person walking by.

it's actually quite the opposite ! our microbiome is a HUGE part of us, and in fact more than 'human' cells it seems. and we live in a wonderful symbiosis with them (and we can actually create them it seems). they are our garbage cleaner upperers !

trying to rid germs from our lives (enter toxic hand sanitiser), will be very detrimental to our health. this is exactly why children who play in the dirt often, are far stronger later in life than those who do not. it's how we build up our microbiome, by becoming more in symbiosis with nature :)

the germ theory is a lie, and Louis Pasteur actually admitted it on his death bed (and further confirmed when his private notes were donated to the French National Library in 1971).

Antoine Bèchamp was right after all. it's about your INNER TERRAIN, and how you keep it.

so how do we seemingly get ill when we've been around someone who has the flu / influenza then ?

well it's not quite as simple as just seeing the cause as being around someone ill. we need to ask some questions first.

  • have we been exposed to a similar toxic environment as they have ?

  • are we going through a change in weather / temperature which may have caught us both out (our microbiome are affected by temperature) ?

  • is our body in a similar state of disrepair due to general lifestyle, emotional and environmental factors ?

all of these aspects can trigger our body to detox and cleanse itself (aka influenza), and so we may find that we are just on the same timeline of microbiome degradation as another person, and simply assuming that we are 'giving' the other an illness.

but let's say none of the above questions are true. there is actually another subtle aspect at play here. our bodies also share information from our auric or etheric energy fields.

this invisible energy field or 'body' holds information in it (just like WiFi or mobile internet floating around) yet most of us cannot see it. the closer we are around people, the more we connect and share information from our energy body.

now it seems that in order to assist one another, we remind each other periodically, that perhaps it's time to detox and cleanse too ? we know our bodies intelligently store away toxins (such as heavy metals) in our fat cells, but until we fast, or truly get healthy, it never gets the chance to remember to go back and extract them for us ~ but someone already in that state of cleaning, will have the frequency and share the reminder, and if your body is ready, it will also start the cleaning process.

sounds a bit far fetched though right ? of course....we aren't used to the idea that our bodies chat together are we ?

we can definitely feel one another though right ? good energies, or bad. we all know we can take on either energies of a person actually...

but perhaps there are many more examples that we already know of :

what about yawning ? ....isn't that 'contagious' ? but how ? sometimes seeing, sometimes even hearing even triggers us. or even reading it.... not everyone will yawn though, but perhaps only those who also need more oxygen ?

laughter is also 'contagious', even when you don't know what the person is laughing about :-)

and girls menstruating ~ why is it somehow, many times we eventually align to having the same cycle as our close friends ?

plants communicate in a similar way too. if we look at giraffes and the acacia tree. to ensure the giraffes do not eat all the leaves from the surrounding acacia trees, the tree being eaten communicates to all trees within a 45m radius, which in turn immediately produce bitter tasting tannins in their leaves, to stop the giraffe eating them.

the Maharishi Effect is interesting too, whereby if 1% of a population practice the feeling of peace inside, through meditating at the same time; then this peace is essentially 'contagious' throughout 100% of the population, evidenced through many experiments that have measured dramatic decreases in violent crimes (link at end of article)

furthermore, being that we are made of up to 75% water (some even say higher), and that water is crystalline in nature, and hence a highly programmable matter, it would also make sense that our bodies communicate through water as well. perhaps through through the etheric field then into our bodily waters ?

Masaru Emoto's water experiments showed how water was affected by energies, whether toxin related or emotional; both positive or negative. the difference in crystalline structure were so different when comparing healthy, pure water, and distorted damaged water, that when the water was frozen, you could see beautiful patterns akin to snowflakes, or messy erratic images.

also interesting to look into, are experiments with DNA, photons and human emotions; which have been shown that a connection, communication and behaviour can occur, regardless of time or space.

"living cells communicate through a previously unrecognized form of energy. This energy is not affected by time and distance." ~ Gregg Braden

i digress.

basically what i'm saying is this : let's say someone is detoxing, aka the flu, so they have toxic waste products (exosomes/'viruses') running through their bodily liquids, on the way out. now, if someone comes into close contact or nearby with this person, and is also heavily laden with the same specific toxin, the new person's body may get a message to run the flu detox program (if their body is ready). our mind will also definitely contemplate it at a minimum, just by acknowledging there is illness in front of us.

it's like our bodies work together to remind each other of old jobs that need revisiting.

just like how plants work together to help one another :)

of course, not everyone gets the flu who has been around an ill (detoxing) person. healthier people (with healthier terrains) tend not to be affected by being around illness, but those who need to and can detox safely, will.

the other question around this topic is always "but what about chicken pox parties" ?

so what seems is happening here, is that all childhood 'diseases' are related to detoxification of a particular toxin ~ seemingly heavy metals from vaccines could be a probable cause. the sores on the body are a tell tale sign the body is pushing something out. the chicken pox 'virus' is really the name for the exosome which comes out of the cells, to clean the body, and exits as a waste product.

chicken pox could also be related to a growth cycle, whereby the body has no use for a certain element or material any longer, and again pushes it out as it grows and upgrades (also pimples in teenage years whilst our hormones shift).

we also know, that not all children will get the chicken pox, at a chicken pox 'party'. some children are perhaps extremely strong and detox whatever it is daily, and never need a full blown illness; and some may not even have the toxin in the first place (ie. no vaccine), so will have no need for detoxing via 'chicken pox'.

whatever the case, it's seems that the good ol' germ contagion 'theory' just does not apply very well with illness at all (you only have to read Wikipedia's description of 'germ theory' to understand that!) ~ there are always exceptions to the rule.

now, if you're not entirely convinced still, i would suggest looking at all the experiments that have been done over the years to prove that germs cause illness...there are many, and funnily enough, NONE of them prove it :) in some, participants with the 'flu' have coughed on healthy participants, who have also swallowed some of their phlegm, yet no one got sick.

several are mentioned in this lengthy article from Eric Rafdal >>> "The “Coronavirus” Pandemic: The Biggest Lie in Human History"

when one delves into this perspective, it makes sense that masks and social distancing do not protect us at all. if you need to detox, and become 'ill', your body will do it anyway, if it needs to, by standing in the vicinity of another, who is already in that process.

in fact, it also appears that no experiments have ever even been done on the efficacy of wearing masks, to stop the spread of so called 'disease' in public, on a large scale by a healthy population. the size of the fabric holes vs the size of the supposed 'virus' don't even work out together - the fabric holes are WAY too big to even work properly !

and the irony being, that it seems masks actually cause all sorts of trouble.....from acne to lung and fungal infections, and much more. all due to breathing in toxins you've just breathed out, and mask fibres and chemicals, alongside an increase in CO2 intake, and less oxygen. your body just cannot perform it's detoxing and normal functions properly and has more to deal with...

well anyways, as always i just wanna keep it simple, put some info out, inspire some research, so we can all decipher the truth better and create a more harmonious way of living here in this game.

i reckon we need to have another look at the meaning of 'contagious' ~ and see the truth of it that goes far deeper.

Dr Thomas Cowan and Sally Morrell have actually written a recent book on the topic : "The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including "Coronavirus") Are Not the Cause of Disease" (interview about the book below)

in any case here's to taking responsibility of our health, breathing clean air and having a lot more contagious laughing !

thanks for readin', and if you're interested to delve into what i discovered about what viruses really are, and how covid-19 fits into the worldwide plan, you can check out my recent articles here :

x simone

further research can be delved into here :

>>> Flu Is Not Contagious (the electricity component of illness)

>>> lung mask infections (Aspergillus flavus, which produces aflatoxin, thrives if the face mask is worn too long )

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