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so why exactly did we start believing in germs and 'viruses' (and nature became the enemy) ?

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

to answer this, we need to go back to Louis Pasteur's 'germ theory'.

back in the 1800s, Louis Pasteur identified the germ to be the cause of pretty much all types of illness. of course he never could prove it (until he injected a dog's brain with a bunch of toxins and it threw up, frothed at the mouth and died ~ and voilà! we had 'rabies').

nonetheless he came up with this 'theory' which stated "certain diseases are caused by specific germs or infectious agents"

what's interesting too, is that the well-known propaganda site namely wikipedia, actually states on the germ theory page, that viruses are 'non-living' microorganisms. are we not told that they are living ?!

if you fancy a gander, reading further down this page ( really outlines a lot of bad science, where seemingly, some things apply in some circumstances, but in others, well, it really doesn't matter apparently.

what stuck out for me too, was when viewing the information from the terrain theory angle (ie. it's the cleanliness of our inside 'terrain' environment that determines if we get sick), everything they observed makes sense. but in order for their germ theory to work, they had to make exceptions and hence, bad science.

essentially, the evidence they describe, shows quite clearly that external pollutants we eat, breathe, drink, are affecting the body to create illness, not 'germs'. and if you're healthy, you'll use the same detoxifying / cleaning mechanisms for a particular toxin (ie. a combo of bacteria, fungi, parasites or exosomes/viruses), as someone who is ill (from the same toxin), but, these will form part of your daily processes, leaving little or no symptoms, hence you'll be 'asymptomatic'. lol, in other words 'healthy'

the ill person will have had a less healthy terrain (little or no microbiome to call upon), hence the need for the body to use stronger detoxification methods (ie. a larger amount of solvent ~ exosomes/'viruses') will be present, and associated symptoms ~ weakness, no hunger, thirst and phlegm etc

curiously, our thinking around what makes us sick, was more in line with pollution prior to 1900s, namely the 'miasma theory'.

"The theory posited that diseases were the product of environmental factors such as contaminated water, foul air, and poor hygienic conditions. Such infections, according to the theory, were not passed between individuals but would affect those within a locale that gave rise to such vapors."

they also did not believe in the contagion effect.....more on that later.

further down on the same wikipedia page it also describes Koch's Postulates. in short, four basic criteria are used to demonstrate, in a scientifically sound manner, that a disease is caused by a particular organism, supporting the germ theory.

Koch's Postulates have never been met for our supposed 'covid-19', nor has the 'virus' even been isolated. or any other 'virus' for that matter !

let that sink in for a minute.

ok so, i hope you're keeping up here :) the reason for sharing a little bit of background above is, well for one it's helpful to know, and two, it shows just how science 'works'.

1) it's very easy for scientists to view things the opposite way around

2) making *exceptions* are part of the scientific game

3) assumptions have been made a lot, which form the basis of the germ 'theory'

let's hop forward a bit now, to answer the question regarding the why we are so entrenched in germ theory beLIEf now.

what seems to have happened is this :

the ironically flailing germ theory, was wheeled back out when the Carnegie Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation steamrolled through natural medicine in the early part of the 1900s; in order to create a new industry out of their chemical 'waste' products from their oil and coal industries; namely drugs, aka pharmaceuticals.

essentially between the two foundations, and a guy called Abraham Flexner, who created the 'Flexner Report' (detailing all US natural medicine schools and how they operated); over a few short years they single-handedly destroyed most of the natural medicine schools across the United States and created an infrastructure for education, funding, research and an organization in favour of the 'modern' allopathic symptom focused (as opposed to finding out the cause) chemical medicine, that persists today across the world.

money was a key factor of course, with 'scientific' research grants being handed out to those scientists and schools who towed the line, and focused on erasing symptoms and killing the deadly 'germ'. drugs, vaccines, surgery and radiation were the new 'health' remedies.

"In 1904 there were 5747 medical doctors. Only 15 years later, after the Flexner Report, by 1919, there were only 2658. In that same 15 year period, the number of medical schools went from 162 to 81." ~ Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory

and then the 1918 'Spanish Flu' was their silver bullet. although most still think of it as a deadly 'virus', what seemed to actually happen originally, was toxins contained in the Rockefeller foundation's meningitis vaccine given to US soldiers (which was also exported to England, France, Italy, Belgium and other countries); alongside the new high powered radio wave technology recently installed on bases that affected their blood, created strong flu-like symptoms.

“In every case tested without a single exception,” they wrote, “the coagulability of the blood was lessened, the increase in time required for coagulation varying from two and one-half to eight minutes more than normal" ~ 'The Invisible Rainbow ~ A History of Electricity and Life' by Arthur Firstenberg

following a spate of 500 severe flu-like illnesses on a Kansas army base, many of the 2 million US soldiers who went overseas also fell ill along the way (bad living conditions of course did not help the body deal with naturally extracting the vaccine poisons, nor the high powered radio frequencies now in use around the world) their bodies initiated the 'flu'......and voilà, it looks like it's 'spreading' (this ties in with being 'contagious', but not in the way we have been taught to think...still, I will come back to that).

then you have the entire world at war, skimping on food, also living in less than favourable physical, and fearful emotional conditions, for months, even years; and of course the body is more than likely going to be put under pressure, and need to detox more strongly, aka the flu (read more about that in influenza is detoxing = humanity has been poisoned). later in 1918, and into 1919, the public were given a plethora of essentially experimental vaccines to combat the so called deadly flu 'virus', but of course being that the body is then SHOCKED by an influx of heavy metals, diseased animal tissue and who knows what else into its blood stream (as opposed to detecting poisons through the normal system of smell, tonsils, lymph glands etc), the body struggles to further detox, and you see a rise of very severe 'flu' cases, and many deaths.

ANYWAYS, I'm getting too deep here. but you get the picture ~ lots of flu cases developing due to vaccines/toxins, living conditions, fearful emotions and unnatural frequencies (sound like our world now at all ?); with more 'cases', and eventually deaths rising, due to further vaccines on the public.

so the silver bullet here was for the Rockefellers and the Carnegies, and their chemical medical empire, literally cementing the deadly germ 'theory' into the psyche of humanity....and, we're still believing it !

so as we moved forward from this point, scientists were simply looking at the 'virus' the wrong way around. they saw something inside a cell, coming out of cell, and containing poisons.....thinking it had invaded it.....and that it was the CAUSE....but in actual fact if they observed it again, the cell was producing something inside the cell, to clean the cell, and extracting (gently breaking through the cell's wall) taking away poisons from inside and around the cell, it was the EFFECT.

so simple. and this is what ALL doctors were taught from this time onward.....up until present day....they are simply looking at it the wrong way around.

'viruses' (aka exosomes / cleaning solvents) are the effect, not the cause, of all illness.

and you know what too, in the past 26 years, over 300 of the world's TOP virologists, cancer researchers, naturopaths, microbiologists and epidemiologists have DIED in very very strange circumstances ~ murders, suicides and just plain odd scenarios.

between 1994 - 2006 there were over 40 deaths; by 2014 there were 100; then between 2013 - 2000 more than 100 further deaths occurred ~ many amongst the natural health community; and in 2014 you may recall the MH17 Malaysian Airlines plane crash ? ....well over 100 of the top HIV/AIDs researchers, health workers and activists died....on a way to a conference.

is it purely coincidence now, in these crazy times we live, that so many of these educated scientists and doctors died mysteriously, and now humanity has NO IDEA what a virus actually is, and what the flu actually is either ?

well whatever the case, the entire covid-19 scenario is VERY helpful indeed, on a multi-layered grand scale, for certain agendas, when one observes several eye-opening documents that are in the public domain. these documents clearly show the so called 'pandemic' was pre-planned, as it lights the way for several agendas, that have been decades in the making. i'll lay them out in my next article :

x simone

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