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if covid-19 influenza is detoxing, then why are people dying ?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

(regularly updated to reflect current situation)

me questioning
why are people dying ?

so as i wrote in my earlier article 'is geo-engineering causing severe influenza (and covid-19) ?', my sense is that we are seeing more severe cases of influenza AKA detoxification/cleansing in recent decades, and in this so called 'covid-19' period; because of the aerial spraying of a toxic cocktail of (at the very least) aluminium, barium, strontium and nanotechnology (smart dust).

bearing in mind that chemtrails can be sprayed anywhere...anytime...and create IMMEDIATE DETOXIFICATION / aka INFLUENZA / aka 'COVID-19' cases...

perfect for a well -planned 'pandemic' don't you think ?

the current extent of nanotech in our environment and it's effect on us, is a whole topic in itself, which many of us are trying to figure out (on many levels), and I cover to some extent in my article 'are the severe covid-19 cases actually nanotech toxicity ?'

now, why are people dying ? ...because they are severly TOXIC that's why !



let's look at several factors that could have contributed to the more extreme cases of detoxing, and excess deaths in Wuhan, northern Italy, New York City, Spain, UK, Belgium, Moscow, Rio De Janiero, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico City.







1) POLLUTED AIR ~ in Wuhan, northern Italy, New York City, Brussels, Antwerp, Britain, Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Brazil these places are well known to have polluted air, caused (at the very least) by garbage incinerators, wood burning ovens, fracking waste (cyanide), exhaust fumes and industrial pollution.

Curiously WHO stated this in May 2018:

Britain January 2020

...of course i could go on, but you get the picture ;)

2) MANDATORY VACCINES ~ occurred in Wuhan in December 2019, flu and meningitis vaccines were given to the elderly in northern Italy in December 2019; and most likely the poor and lower working class would have been encouraged to have the FREE flu vaccines that are so widely pushed across all pharmacies in New York City (and the US) in the run up to the 2019-2020 winter flu season.

these are also freely available in the UK on the NHS for those 65+, children and pregnant women (sigh). 15.3 million people in the UK received the flu vaccine in late 2019, and the Department for Health and Social Care announced in late July 2020, that they had 30 million ready for the 2020 flu season, and it was free to over 50s.

vaccines not only contain many toxins that the body will need to extract/detox, but the process also profoundly shocks the body, causing dis-ease, due to the unexpected nature of how the toxins enter the body. influenza symptoms are a sign of toxin extraction. for ingredients within vaccines and the effects on the body, please see my article here

as a side note, ALL initial 'covid' deaths in New Zealand could well be attributed to toxemia in the elderly, who had also been recently vaccinated. 22 elderly people died in care homes (actually only 17 tested 'positive', and we know how reliable those PCR tests are don't we?!).

3x ages 60-69, 7x ages 70-79, 7x ages 80-89 and 5x ages 90+.

as Dr Ashley Bloomfield proudly stated on his live daily updates with Jacinda Ardern in April 2020, that the New Zealand government had vaccinated over 60% of New Zealanders age 60 and over, with the flu vaccine in february and march 2020 :(

we will no doubt see cases of alzheimers and dementia skyrocket here and around the world (my mother was vaccine damaged (aka 'dementia' aka heavy metal toxicity) in this way from flu vaccines, and finally they killed her with the 2021 seasonal flu vaccine 'FLUAD' two weeks after they injected her without OUR authority :( bless her beautiful soul 💖

3) ELECTROMAGNETIC SMOG ~ across the world every day, we live in a more dense soup of unnatural man-made EMF frequencies from more and more WiFi, bluetooth, 3G/4G and now 5G cell towers and Elon Musk's Starlink, mobiles, tablets, laptops etc.

these frequencies affect our body's natural EMF, our cells and the water inside of us, which in turn affects our bodily processes by producing reactions, distortions, chemicals, and hence further waste for our body to clean up.

furthermore, man-made EMF kills our microbiome (our clean up helpers in the form of somatids, bacteria, fungi and parasites), so the waste in our body becomes a waste land.

regular jobs our body attends to, are thus affected dramatically by spending time in heavily laden, man-made EMF environments, causing further toxicity and waste clean-up, which can result in the strong detoxification protocol of influenza, being initiated.

additionally, many cities affected by excess death rates, have been known to also have the additional 5G millimeter wave frequency band capability installed since 2019. Wuhan, northern Italy, New York City, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Lima, Santiago have all had prior testing and implementation in 2019.

studies have shown that specific wavelengths in use by some of the 5G spectrum affect the oxygen in which the waves travel, which can affect a natural, healthy uptake of oxygen in the human body. respiratory issues perhaps ?

i personally feel that the effect of 5G in the case of the covid-19 'pandemic', will have added to the already present toxic EMF soup in these cities, but will be of an even stronger influence, once an ill person goes to a HOSPITAL, as 5G technology will likely be in use, in their nearby surroundings. it wouldn't be the primary cause, but a factor in illness. a few examples are below.

4) PRE-EXISTING TOXIC-LOAD (TOXEMIA) ~ most people across the world that died from supposed 'covid-19', had 'co-morbidities', meaning they were ill and extremely toxic already.

it seems that in early May 2020, the CDC 'revised' their total covid-19 death count in the United States from 65,000 to 37,000, claiming something to do with predictions and a 1-2 week 'lag time' of death certificates being confirmed and many times afterwards too.

but there was also discussion of death certificates being labelled 'with covid-19' or 'from covid-19'. either way, there is confusion (some say intended), and a reversal on death certificates, perhaps due to relatives complaining that their loved one had already been ill, and not died of 'covid-19', which had been wrongly written on the death certificate.

in other words, most people who supposedly died 'from covid-19', were already very ill, and dying.

at the end of August 2020 however, they added a new update, saying that only 6% of deaths are 'from covid-19', meaning actually the number of deaths 'by covid-19' is nearer to 9700.

all illness is in effect toxemia ~ meaning that the body is struggling to eliminate toxins (dead cellular waste, poisons or inorganic materials), due to factors such as lifestyle, collapse of the microbiome, a blocked lymphatic (waste) system, or a large amount of toxins stored.

you can read more about this in my article on the truth about what 'viruses' really are 'if influenza is detoxing, what exactly is a 'virus' then ? (in plain english)'.

TOXINS can be : industrial pollutants, chemical cleaners, roadside pesticides, dust, heavy metals and nano particles via chemtrails, GMO foods, pesticide residue (glyphosate), plastics, aluminium foil residue, aluminium/teflon/cermic coated/copper cookware; water that contains inorganic minerals (rocks), fluoride, industrial poisons (1080 etc), pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs; foreign and toxic matter from vaccines....or cellular waste caused by assaults from unnatural man-made EMF frequencies and FEAR / emotional energy, which we create.


fear energy increases stress within the body, corrupting the cells, creating chemical reactions, leaving waste, and adding further toxicity for the body's bacterial garbage processing unit to deal with.

>>> we are all dealing with this stress on some level through this saga - two years in now...!

>>> most people are also in fear of dying and holding this negative energy inside their body

facing the possibility of death, and being ok with it, would allow release of this toxic energy.

6) TOXIC HOSPITAL & CARE HOME ENVIRONMENTS ~ entering a hospital or care home today, or out and about in this so called 'pandemic' (more so a pandemic of 'fear'), you will likely come into contact with further toxicity - including toxic hand sanitiser everywhere to touch and breathe in.

we know well that it was the freshly implemented 'covid' hospital protocols that were killing people, not 'covid-19' from the illusive 'sars-cov-2' in silico computer generated 'virus'.

specifically the toxic drugs Remdesivir (side effects) in New York (yet killed MANY in Ebola (and it's never been approved by the FDA)), Midazolam (side effects) in the UK carehomes and then the ventilators were the main culprits in cause of death in older people who were already unwell, and people who displayed anxiety who were also given these drugs and then put on ventilators (likely due to the drug's side effects being shortness of breath).

this is what you will likely come into contact with when entering a hospital or care home right now :

  • chemical cleaners

  • ingestion of toxic drugs

  • fluoridated water

  • GMO foods

  • LED lighting (affects your eyes, nervous system and melatonin production)

  • bluetooth artificial EMF

  • WiFi artificial EMF

  • fear energy

  • 5G equipment (affecting oxygen uptake)

  • ventilators that force your lungs to breathe in an unnatural way.

sadly, an ill person has very little chance of surviving this harsh atmosphere, as well as it being void of vitamin D-producing sunlight, healthy organic food, nature energy, pure water and restful energies.



so what we have now, is a variety of different factors affecting different people, and hence this is also the reason why we are seeing a variety of different strengths of illness, and symptoms.

my sense is that people are dying one of six ways (there could be more), and it is these :

1) Nanotech toxicity detoxing + Pre-existing toxic load + Hospital toxins / Remdesivir ventilator

EXTREME SYMPTOMS at home first, worsened through drugs and ventilator at

the hospital

2) Detoxing flu + Pre-existing toxic load + Hospital toxins / Midazolam or Remdesivir / ventilator

think they have covid-19, once at hospital, gets worse due to toxicity


3) Air Pollution detoxing flu + Hospital Toxins / Remdesivir / ventilator

think they have covid-19, once at hospital, gets worse due to toxicity


4) Normal seasonal detoxing flu + Fear energy + 5G + Hospital toxins / Remdesivir / ventilator

cannot breathe at home very well, at hospital gets worse due to toxicity


5) Normal seasonal detoxing flu + Fear energy + Hospital toxins / Remdesivir / ventilator

6) Fear energy + Anxiety + Hospital toxins / Remdesivir / ventilator



i could go into great detail on all of the above topics, but i wanted to keep it short, simple and to the point, to give people something to ponder, and research for themselves.

after we consider that there are other factors involved, the entire covid-19 + variants picture becomes a little more blurred....the next step, to see just how many people are dying, is to actually look at the excess deaths.

I'll look into that now in my next article : 'how do we know if more people are dying from covid-19 ?

as a side note, experiencing influenza / detoxing in these days, it would be far better to fast, drink pure water, focus on relaxing (away from EMFs) and sleep yourself well, at home. i sense we would see far more people recovering from the severe and extreme types of influenza if so.

some links are below for those who wish to do further research.

thank you for being open <3

x simone

you can read some of my other thoughts on the current topics here :

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air pollution information can be found by clicking on the pictures above

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety ~ 'Recent Research on WiFi Effects'

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