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how do we know if more people are dying from 'covid-19' ?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

(regularly updated to reflect current situation)

(update >>> this article was written in late 2020 with respect to the start of the so called 'pandemic' but is still of relevance because we can now of course compare it to the effect of the lethal injection rollout)

nobody knows ? ....actually we do know !

we looked at the major factors causing the cases of extreme illness / detoxing (aka severe influenza / 'covid-19') in my last article (if covid-19 influenza is detoxing, then why are people dying ?), but to what level are there more than expected deaths (for the same period of last year) from this ?

this is also called 'excess' deaths. it's important to look at the total excess deaths at this point in time, because from there we can possibly ascertain if there were actually more deaths from covid-19.

i say possibly however, because we suspect that were are A LOT more suicides in this six months.....but we are not privy to this information now (in New Zealand at least the government stats have been stopped since March). i was personally connected to at least 4 suicides until September 2020 (that number is now 7 in early 2022). i'm sure most people know someone throughout these past two years who have taken their life.

there are also the people who have died due to lack of medical treatment....

we should keep this information in mind too...

regardless, excess deaths are all we've got to go on really, when we have

1) completely unreliable PCR tests (links also at end of article) which are easily confirming every man, woman, dog, fruit and water positive, enabling covid-19 to be written on their death certificate.

the inventor of this test also stated before his recent death, that it should never be used to diagnose illness : ~ '(says) Mullis himself, PCR cannot be totally and should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases" such as coronavirus.' a very good article below describes everything about the testing (and was subsequently labelled false information by fb when i posted it)

2) reports of relatives being offered money if the hospital can write 'covid-19' on the death certificate


3) an initial running total of deaths (and then 'cases') on the mainstream media frightening the bejesus out of most people, that includes deaths 'with' covid-19 as well as 'from' covid-19.....


the economist and the financial times put together some pretty graphs on excess deaths in mid July 2020, which remain in real-time. if you want to have a gander, links are also found at the bottom of this article.

warning however, make sure to read the graphs correctly ! in many instances (like climate change graphs) they have made them look very alarming, but taking a second glance at the x or y measurements you realise it's actually minimal changes.

here's one graph showing all countries with excess death rates ~ 'covid outbreaks' vary between countries (another graph on the economist site shows which weeks there were covid outbreaks in each country), and are between 2-3 weeks to 3 months in length it seems.

so looking at this below from 2020, it's a little hard to know what they're basing it on ~ the entire 'outbreak', or weekly, or daily ? to put it in perspective, Peru apparently had 10,000 more deaths than expected from the beginning of march up until the end of august...but as you can see, Ecuador and Peru had 1000 extra deaths per million people, for their 'covid outbreak' ~ but then it doesn't say if that's per week, or overall.....confusing right ?!

again though, let's remind ourselves of the intense circumstances we have endured through these lock-ups and just how many excess deaths will have been caused by them >>> suicides and unavailable medical treatments being the biggies.


as a side note, 'covid-19' influenza in all other countries around the world, that show no excess deaths, can literally be attributed to our natural detoxing cycle, also known as the normal flu season. this season has just had a very good PR campaign into the public arena this year.

the fact that this flu season also includes more severe flu cases across the world, could easily be attributed to :

  • increased level of anxiety / fear energy people hold within their bodies

  • sedentary lockdown lifestyle

  • stress from loss of employment / money

  • lack of healthy sun, nature and connective human touch

  • nanotech toxicity (graphene oxide)

all of which dramatically affect our body's ability to function.

again though, as i've written before in other articles, i do feel that the poisons (aluminium, barium, strontium, nano-tech etc) that are being sprayed across our skies the world over, on a near on daily basis, have A LOT to do with the severe flu / detoxing many of us are experiencing in recent times.

our bodies are overwhelmed with toxins. i sense that inhaling these poisons becomes the original detoxification trigger, then teamed with the above recent stressors linked to the covid-19 scenario, we can experience extreme effects.

it's also an easy way to make people ill.

AND make it look like something is 'spreading' or 'contagious'....just aerial spray a certain area....

for my experience of this, please see my previous article :

now once we get to this point, and we realise that something is not quite sitting correctly, we start to remember all the inconsistencies and contradications that were fed to us from the governments and the media, as we trooped through this confusing quagmire of delusion.

social distance 6ft yet go into the supermarket and no one's looking or caring and the cashier is right in your face (coincidentally the distance apart you need to be for the AI to get a precise identification of you)

no masks at the height of the so-called pandemic, yet now masks everywhere (or some places, but not others), even though it claims they are not helpful for coronavirus on the packet

big supermarkets stay open yet independents, butchers, fruit and veggie shops are deemed non-essential so stay closed

pharmacies are open yet natural health shops must close

fresh air, sunshine, sea and outdoor activities frowned upon yet they are health giving

no advice given to stay healthy from government

alcoholic shops deemed essential

anyways the list goes on....

this is when you pull out and start to delve into the why's and how's of what's going on, and it starts to look a lot more congruent with a particular agenda.

after two decades of delving myself, i've put together a basic list of what i see playing out, in my next article : 'it makes sense that covid-19 was pre-planned, here's why'

some further research links with regards to excess deaths are below.

thanks for reading !

x simone

PCR TESTS DETECTING COMMON HUMAN GENOME ~ Chromosome 8 - David Icke and Dr Andrew Kaufman

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