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  • giulio cavallo

the end of THIS story ?

today, on the 8th of February 2022, the italian government has announced that COVID will end in italy on the 31st of March. yes it will ! somehow they know, for sure, and on that date, NOT the next day, April 1st… so, yeah… that’ it. no more masks, no more green passes, and no more vaccine mandates. and probably no more mention of COVID afterwards. end of story. these last few days, the common narrative of every news media around the world

(apart from where i live in NZ, apparently) has changed dramatically, from promoting the fear of a pandemic virus that could kill most of the people on earth, to reassuring people that all is good again and everything is going exactly back to normal in just a couple of months or so. the story of COVID, that would have lasted about 2 and a half years, is coming abruptly to an end. a year or two from now, the governments will only use this story for political rhetoric, media will have plenty of yet new crises to deal with, and most people will hardly recall whatever it was or whatever happened. just exactly as it happened with AIDS, SARS, EBOLA, mad cow disease; swine, bird, bat or pangolin flu… just exactly as it happened with the new ice age! no, wait… global warming ! no, wait… climate change… just exactly as it happened with 9/11, school shootings, terrorist attacks, Al Qaeda, Isis…

the stories may be different for sure, but really, it’s the ONE same story told over and over and over and over and over and over and over. and over again. and remember, the point of any story is that it has to be made up, a story is a STORY, not the truth. so, what is the story ? there’s an unknown or invisible enemy out there, that is now OUT to get you.

but we’ll save you, just give us the authority, power and lots of money and we’ll take care of it, you’ll see. and what is the truth ? viruses do not exist. there is no climate change. there are no terrorists. (apart from the people that made up that story) and there’s no boogeyman either, it's just a scary story.

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