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  • Giulio Cavallo



I understand that god exists as a concept in the minds of the individuals that created it, and in the minds of the people that consent to believe in it.

Do we believe in god ?

The problem is not in wether we do or don’t.

The problem is that there is a major fallacy in this question.

It assumes that god exists, but there is a choice in believing in god or not.

But there is no reason to believe in god or not, because there is no reason to assume it exists.

Do you perceive the existence of god in your life experience ?

Have you ever felt it ?

Did you ever see it ?

Have you ever communicated with it ?

I haven’t. Ever.

I heard many many people saying that they know god, god consciousness, intelligent design or source.

Not one has ever convinced me that they do.

Not one has ever proven their theories.

You know what it feels like ?

It feels like Santa Claus.

Think about it.

Have you ever perceived Santa Claus ?

Ever felt him, ever seen him, talked to him ?


Why ?

Because he doesn’t exist. We all know that by now.

Or actually Santa does exist: in the minds of the people that created him and those that are conned to believe in him.

At one point in time most of us have believed in Santa’s existence. I have !

As i thought i believed in god.

Then i discovered that it was a lie.

I don’t know about you, but the day i found out that Santa is not real, my whole belief system brutally collapsed.

Not only something so important was taken away from me, but much much worse, was the pain of the deception.

For the first time in my life, as I can remember, I was hurt.

And angry. Angry because of the lies, the ridicule, the joke on me.

I was confronted with the ugly reality that my parents, my most trusted authorities, made a conscious choice of manipulating their innocent child into believing a story so ludicrous and cheesy, i felt uncomfortable about it, even then.

The uglier truth, is that the whole Santa’s story was created for one purpose and one purpose only, to entice children to behave, conform and obey…

Otherwise you won’t get your precious christmas present !

Think about the narrative of most religions.

Isn’t it all about a story that you’ve been told, since you were a child ?

Isn’t it all about a series of people that lived and events that happened way before you were born ?

Isn’t it all about your parents, your teachers, your preachers telling you that’s the way it is ?

Isn’t it all about not being good enough and having to deserve something in the future or possibly even after death ?

Isn’t it all about control ?

From that day on i started asking myself a lot of questions.

- is something true just because I’ve been told so?

- is something true because my parents tell me it is ?

- is something true because everyone around me thinks that it is ?

- is something true because when it belittles me, disempowers me, tries to control me ?

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