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  • by Simone Fougère

Are We Creating The Time Matrix ?

From celebrating our birthday, to the yearly holidays, are we in fact ageing ourselves and leaving ourselves trapped in a repetitive cycle ?

When you really sit down and think about it, isn't it truly crazy that we repeat things over and over again each year ? Staging the same situations, and playing out the same (if not very similar) roles (and possibly arguments) each year ~ and yes we do change subtly within this, but isn't it (for the majority of us), really only in the direction of our parents ? Which means we are creating the same cycle in the longer sense too. We had presents from Santa Claus, then we grew up, had kids, and then lied to our children the same as our parents did.

What exactly is this doing to us ? For one, I feel that this Santa Claus lie is again hurting our intuition, especially when the said lie is coming from our foremost authority, our parents. Remember how it felt at the time you had to believe this ridiculous story ? But you forced yourself to go against your gut feeling, and in the end it was all a lie ?!!

In a general sense of what these holidays are doing to us, it seems like there's no true evolution. This *tradition* concept, snuggles us in with familiarity cosiness, yet it's a trick; it's a false security (like a marriage certificate) and is actually starving us of new, creative, likely productive experiences.

Think about it, these are really the only times as a general populous we ALL have the day off and get to do something together. Why the fuck aren't we actually being smart and changing shit up ?!!!

The world is not doing well. We as a species are not doing well. Why are we turning a blind eye, for instant gratification instead of putting our little heads together and coming up with something productive over these holidays that will free us in the long term ?

...I realise the answer, and know it all too well ~ the programming is tough on our minds right now. Most of us are not pushing past the thoughts that are given to us on a silver platter. But, let's THINK about this NOW. If not now, when ? When we sit amongst rubble with a chip in our arm still wanting money and have no idea how to grow food or heal ourselves ?

Today is the 31st of October, Halloween, and I could go into a whole other article about this very *celebration* (or satanic ritual I would be more inclined to say), but, how many people actually delve deep into the true origins of this day, and ask themselves why they do this once a year ? Of course the creative aspect is inspiring, and fun, and creativity, and co-creativity is something humans truly thrive on ~ it's also a carrot dangling. So what is all of this for ?

Are we being distracted from ourselves ? From the moment ?

We are also programming ourselves to BE a year older each year. We are labelling ourselves. Instead of just flowing with the seasons, we are telling ourselves this year I am whatever age, and my inner chatter tells me I have to have done this, be doing this, blah blah blah, and we either catch these thoughts and reprogramme or we don't, and we just carry on with the said programme.

I realised this when I hit forty last year. I have never been concerned with age, and what I have achieved, but after my 40th birthday I felt ikkk, like something had shifted, that didn't feel right. Six months later I realised I was creating the projection of being forty upon myself, and I was actually carrying it with me. Was I then physically aging myself too ?

This is not something I would usually conform to ! In any case, through my personal experimentations with my body, and focusing on healing myself from within, I have realised the body has it's own powerful healing mechanisms, and that it CAN heal anything, including the capacity to reverse the physical ageing process. SO, I decided I should also reverse the mental programming of age, and see what would happen. I began to *de-age* myself numerically once a month on my numerical birthday, and see what would happen. In theory (if I'd remembered to celebrate once a month!) I'd be thirty now.

I fully believe if my mental programme is strong enough I could do it (de-age myself), however it's not so easy of course in our mind controlled reality ~ so I'm working with the multi pronged approach ~ mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

We shall see :) ~ but I feel great, I know how to tackle any discord or illness, and feel like I know myself more as just me, someone flowing through the reality without the influence of the holidays and the time structure, more and more each day :) Listening to my body, listening to my intuition and doing what feels right, not what the calendar tells me to do.

What would the world look like without any of these holidays and humanity in full flow of just working with the seasons ? No number of year, no day number, no need to plan, just moment by moment intuitive living. I reckon we'd realise we should have trusted ourselves much earlier on :D

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