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Let's face it. The human species has trust issues.

Cartoon of human trusting talking leader

We trust the government to do what’s *right*

Yet they are constantly shown to lie to us.

And somehow, we choose not to see it. We brush over it. We choose to forget.

They waste our hard earned money on projects that are unnecessary or go over time.

They involve themselves in wars.

And we still go ahead and pay our taxes and vote for them time and again !

On the other hand, we don’t always trust our loved ones, even when they prove themselves over and over.

We even choose to see things that don’t exist.

They support us, they show us love, they truly care for us.

And we somehow easily forget in moments of our own despair; and we blame.

What IS going on in our heads here ?

What dramas are we creating ?

Much insanity and pain that’s for sure..

If we can understand how to truly TRUST in this life, could this in fact change our reality for the better ?

And in fact, is the solution simpler than we can imagine ?

Should we even just flip it in reverse ?

For a start, let’s look at why we are actually trusting the government.

We are told, from the day we are born practically, that a government is a given need, for our survival. They manage our health, our water, our food, our land, our animals, our business, our morals, our transport…We need managing. We can’t take responsibility for certain parts of our lives apparently. Subtle programming that we aren’t trusted perhaps ?

They always have the answer though. Something like "It's easier if we do it for everyone" or "It's such a boring, difficult task, we'll do it for you".

And then they act like we are free to have our own opinions on topics (which supposedly contribute to the construct of our reality), through their constant presentations to us that they need to convince us of certain ideals of how to do stuff. Then we are given a wonderful *choice* supposedly…then they turn around and do the exact opposite.

Hmmmm. Does this mean we are disempowered from the get-go by this organisation called government ?

(which by the way means ‘to govern the mind’... aka ‘mind control’ ? ).

Let’s look at this a little deeper. Essentially, what we have is a system, which is taught, and trained to us without us questioning; and we enter it, believe in it and buy into it (maybe even work for it), and what do we actually get ?

In my experience it’s been a whole lot of “no you can’t do this”, and “you have to pay to do that”, or “we’ve lost your money somewhere down some black hole we can’t look into”, and “it takes a long time to get this” or wait, “we’re just gonna go ahead and do this whether you like it or not”.

And at the end of it all (when you actually start to question its validity), isn’t this what we should be getting more of :










Hmmmm. I’d be more inclined to hedge my bets towards us getting more of this :




Lack of Time





Legal Murder

Well it seems our blind belief has got us in a right pickle hasn’t it ?

Or was it because we were subtly told we are untrustworthy from the beginning, so we do not trust ourselves, or others ?

You know what I reckon. If we applied the same rigorous protocols that we apply to our loved ones in terms of trust; to the government, we’d be in a whole lot better position. And actually, it’s my bet, that we’d probably do away with the institution altogether. Did you know that we quite happily made beautiful roads before income tax was conned to us ?

Blind belief ain’t getting us anywhere fun, nor fast.

And guess what, if we trusted a little more from our heart (kind of like blind belief, but more like intuitively), rather than falling into our analytical mind, I'm sensing we’d find ourselves in much better relationships too.

Why ARE we trusting in things the opposite way around ?

Something to ponder really.

Perhaps time to get street smart here on this plane of existence <3

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