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why i love deep house :

Why I love deep house :

1) Those 120 bpm that double the beat of your heart rate when you are at peace with yourself.

2) That sultry deep BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM diastolic beat, that carries you along and never lets you down. It’s counterpart systolic TCH TCH TCH TCH backbeat that pulls you up from nowhere.

The combining opposing energies generate a BOOMTCH BOOMTCH

BOOMTCH BOOMTCH sound that inebriates you to oblivion, reminding you of another

rhythmic sound, the one made by your parents' old spring mattress, that time you shagged

your girlfriend there.

3) Actually the base does disappear at times.

But just for few seconds.

Just enough for the DJ to play with your expectations, and slowly but surely take you on a journey of melody into outer space, going higher and higher, visiting planets and stars and galaxies and beyond, up to the point where you can't take it NO MORE and you WANT that base back !!!

But it still goes higher, and higher and faster and faster, like a never

ending sexual arousal that finally explodes into your ever faithful

pumping base !!!


… and you can FINALLY have an orgasm.

4) Within minutes your body, mind and soul release themselves into to the beats and melodies and you leave everything behind into a timeless trance, where light, sound and matter converge into a flow of uncontrollable energy of pleasure.

5) And sometimes, while you are dancing you turn around and meet the eyes

of someone else, sometimes a total stranger, and in a speck of time you

know that the emotion you are experiencing is exactly the same as the other.

And you smile…

That moment is unique.

That moment is immortal.

That moment is ecstasy ;) ;) ;)

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