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Self innerstanding in a holistic way involves so many avenues of discovery.


From figuring out who we actually are comfortable being, healing from our past trauma(s), to taking responsibility for our lives in every way .  All of these avenues are deep and profound adventures into Self.


Giulio and I had both been finding our way through this sometimes difficult yet freeing journey before we met in 2013, but when we met, this is when the bigger shifts in each direction happened. 


We had always been responsible people throughout our lives, taking care to be responsible for our own earnings and the actions we took in our lives.


Through all of our individual experiences we learned more and more about the necessity of caring for ourselves first, before we gave away too much, otherwise we depleted ourselves energetically (and financially!)

When we met, we made an agreement to have 'no expectations' on the the time i really didn't know what it meant (my mind was saying "hmmmm, does this mean we'll organise a date but he won't show up?") ....little did i know, that this was to be the most powerful agreement and energetic contract we could make with one-another.

'no expectations' in fact meant, no relying on one another to 'solve' our personal sh*t.  and in agreeing to this, it actually mean we could help one another solve our stuff.

...because we knew there was a boundary, and in the end the last step in healing a program would be ours individually, and ours alone.

Most of the early stuff we solved were about the connection and relationship between the male and female.  It was challenging sexuality stuff.  And mother/father stuff.  Controlling programs that appeared seemingly out of nowhere...


Nowadays these crop up every so often, but no where near as much I'm happy to say :)  I catch myself after something happens and immediately verbalise what was wrong about it, and retract / reframe it.


So consequently, the work on Self that we do these days is mainly around self responsibility in connection to the outside world ~ the relationships with others, and nature. 

~ how to create our own food supply ?

~ how is true physical health (and what is it) achieved ?

~ how to share knowledge (and to what end) ?

~ how to live harmoniously with nature ?

Here you will find short articles relating to all things Self ~ we wish you the best on your journey too !

Love !

x Simone & GIulio




Self healing

Nature's gifts...



the music of life...

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